Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Father’s Day 2018

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in once again from Oklahoma. The BoggsMobile will travel a short distance today to Oklahoma City. 

Tomorrow we start revival with Pastor Jeremy Brooks. We are looking forward to a wonderful week at Landmark Holiness Tabernacle in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We love to visit in this area and get to see so many longtime friends. You are invited to join us in a revival service too. 

This past week under the gospel tent was incredible! From the first prayer last Saturday afternoon, after setup, the Lord showed up. It always amazing me to see God touching the church people and drawing the community to Him. It was a pleasure to work with Pastor Russell Cheek and the congregation of Amber Mission Holiness Church. They were well prepared and hungry for revival.

I want to wish all the Fathers a Happy Father’s Day! I am blessed to have several Godly men that have influenced me. I am so grateful for their friendship and guidance! My Pastor, Bennie Sutherland, and men all over this country have been father figures to me. I thank all of them for investing in my life. 

My Heavenly Father is the only reason I am alive and saved today. I thank Him for giving me life and a reason to live. If you are looking for someone to be your father figure, allow me to point you to God. He will be a Father to the Fatherless! Call on God right now, and He will hear you. He is always with you. The Father above will wrap you in his arms and love you!

God blessed me with the best earthly Father! I am so proud of my Dad. I love to see him preaching God’s word. 

Daddy, you are my hero! I love you “more than a hog loves slop”! I always struggle to put my feelings for you into words. 

Thank for being my provider, corrector, teddy bear, teacher, cheaufuerr, builder, friend and so much more. I am so thankful that you are in my life! Thank you for letting me know that you will always be in my corner. Your support and love mean the world to me. 

You are the best Daddy a girl could ask for. Please know I mean this from the bottom of my heart! 

Happy Father’s Day!!

I have two awesome Papaws. They are great role models and they are my encouragers! I am so thankful God blessed me beyond measure in the grandfather department of life. Papaw Eugene and Papaw Danny are both integral parts of my life. I love them both so much! I am very thankful I still have them to lean on and love on.

Papaw Eugene Boggs

Papaw Danny Morgan 

My Dad and Papaws have worked so hard on the house project! I appreciate every moment they have spent working for my benefit. It is special knowing they turned the house into a home!! They have turned my dreams and visions into a reality. I definitely can not say thank you enough.

Thank you for stopping by to visit with us. I hope you have a superb weekend. 


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