Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday Mt. Vernon 2008

Since we are in Oklahoma for a couple of weeks, I figured it would be nice to scour the archives for a few Oklahoma pictures to make up a Vintage View Vednesday post. That should not be too difficult since it seems we spent years here in the past. That is a good thing. These dear Okies have been good to us.

Our first revival as full time evangelists in 1990 was in Oklahoma. It was for Pastor Kevin Clounch at a church called Oakhurst. When we left Wichita and went back on the road in January 2003 our first revival was scheduled to begin on a Wednesday night in Weir, Kansas.

The schedule was interrupted before we ever got started. Pastor Rickey Searcy called to have me fill in until his evangelist could get there. So our first revival as evangelists in 2003 was at Mt. Vernon Holiness Church in Oklahoma City. We preached the Sunday and Monday nights until the scheduled preacher could get there. We have been on the road ever since.

Mt. Vernon  is old stomping grounds for us. We have been preaching there since the fall of 1991. I wish I had some digital pictures from those early revivals. I did run across a few pictures from revival in January 2008. I am sure we have many more. We have had some great times there.

This our Vintage View Vednesday Mt. Vernon January 2008. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for reading.


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