Saturday, June 9, 2018

Home Sweet Home

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Oklahoma. We are gearing up for tent revival in Amber, Oklahoma. We arrived here Friday afternoon and Mom and Dad have been making preparations. The tent goes up today.

Did you see the pictures from Bristow Holiness Camp Meeting? We posted a bunch yesterday.

Revival begins tomorrow and we are excited to be with Pastor Russell Cheek and our friends here at Amber. I am anticipating God doing great things. Please come join us if you are in the area. 

Dad told you on Monday that I was able to begin moving into the house that was built for me to live in. Oh my goodness, I cannot express my happiness and excitement to you!! I sat on my bed last Friday night and reflected over the last 3+ years that we have been planning this project and I cried! I had tears of joy and thankfulness! 

I am praising God for this amazing gift that He has blessed me with and it is truly miracle from God. I pray for every person that has had a hand in this project. My prayer is for God to bless everyone immensely, for helping.

I am truly overwhelmed, humbled and at a loss for words to convey my gratitude. Many have prayed long and hard for us during this time. God heard and answered those prayers! I am grateful especially to Pastor Scott Morris and all the preachers and pastors that joined him to help raise the funds for Boggs Family Ministries to build this house. 

My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a host of friends worked countless hours to make this a reality! There is no way I could ever repay them for their kindness to me. I truly thank them from the bottom of my heart!

I still get this question weekly, “Do you still plan to travel?” The answer is a resounding yes. I expect the BoggsMobile will always be my road home. So I look forward to seeing you all somewhere along the way. The house is mainly built with my future in mind. I can also enjoy it on short breaks from the road and learn to live on my own. 

Pastor Scott Morris told me about his vision the house project, while we were in Pigeon Forge Tennessee for PFYC 2015. I did not know how to truly express my feelings. I wanted to laugh, cry, jump for joy and melt into a puddle. I think I froze and did not do anything. Now 3 years later I can say I have a home to live in and make my own. What a tremendous blessing!!!

Everything is not totally complete, but I do have a little bit of furniture. Also I was able to pull out a few things that I had picked up along the way. It made me so happy to see things starting to take shape. Today I wanted to share a few pictures of some of the items that I have out.

Pastor Scott, Sis. Kim, Regan, and Rylee Morris bought me this plaque. They presented it to me when they first told me about the house project.

My overall theme for the house is beach cottage. I bought this conch shell on my last trip to the Bahamas. I think I found it at the Straw Markets in Nassau. 

I ordered six of these LED lanterns at Five and Below last year. I wanted to use them somehow in my house.  They were also used to decorate at a wedding shower, anniversary party and wedding. They have served their purpose well and now they are in my house.

I found this starfish at a cool little store in Foley, Alabama. The Sand Dollars were a gift from Sis. Bridget Watson. The table was an awesome addition to my house. It is a gift from Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen. I absolutely love it!! Also thank you to them for loaning me some furniture. 

This cool pillow was an At Home find a few months ago. I really liked the colors and stripes and the way it pulls things together. 

I have been waiting almost a year to use this anchor pillow. It was a gift from Sis. Pat at Anchor of Hope Church in Lebanon, Ohio. I love it on my yellow chair from Ikea.

I am enamored with my bedroom! The feature wall turned out wonderful. Let me just say my Dad is awesome. I wanted a cool wall accent instead of a headboard. It is way better than I ever imagined. My bedding, so far, all came from Walmart

I could not find the exact navy and white bedding online, but click here to find the brand and idea. The blue chair and actual bed platform are from IkeaIt was fun to use some gift cards to help spruce up this room. 

I even had my Roomba vacuum running Monday evening. It is so neat! Thanks to Uncle Tommy, Aunt Holly and Jonas for this cool gift! I think “Beulah” and I will get along fine.  Here is a piece of trivia. Any Old Time Radio buffs know where the name Beulah originates?

I am having a blast getting to pick and plan things for the house. This is just a sneak peek into my decor for now. I will have more to share at a later date. Hopefully by summer’s end I will be settled in.

Thank you for visiting with me today. Have a great weekend. God bless you all!


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