Friday, June 8, 2018

Bristow Camp Meeting 2018

We were last at Bristow Camp Meeting in June of 2016 in the midst of City Reach. City Reach Tulsa was the very next week. We were hoping to be here for the whole meeting this year but we will take what we can get under the circumstances.

This meeting has been a blessing to us for many years. We love these churches. We love these Pastors and we love what God does for people during the meeting. We always have great fellowship when we come and Odie tries to take a few pictures to prove it. I posted pictures from our 2007 visit on Wednesday.

Bristow Camp Meeting used a rented facility each June for over 50 years. Those facilities were torn down a few years ago and it looked like Bristow might be finished. The meeting struggled along using other rented locations for a few years and the board decided to purchase property and build. Through a series of miracles, there is a beautiful camp meeting campus and it is debt free.

The whole thing is a wondrous sight to see!

It was great to be here Wednesday night, Thursday morning and Thursday night. I needed to soak in some preaching and enjoy being with a large group of God's people. I am thankful God permitted it all.

Odie took down this information concerning the preaching both nights.

Wednesday Night June 6th 2018
Bro. Randy Webb
Matthew 7:21-22
"The Saddest Words That I Have Ever Heard"

Thursday Night June 7th 2018
Bro. Lloyd Shuecraft
Luke 16:19-23

"Hell Is For Real"

I hope you enjoy the pictures from Bristow Camp Meeting 2018.


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