Monday, May 7, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 5/7/2018

The only difference between the beginning of our weekend and the end of our weekend is one letter. Friday began in BristoL, Virginia and Sunday night ended in BristoW, Virginia. Between the L and the W we found about 400 miles and a bunch of fun with friends and family.

The last night of revival in Bristol was youth rally at Grace Tabernacle. It was great to have visitors from other churches. The youth leader and some of the youth group came all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina. We love Pastor Joseph Chambers and it was wonderful to see some of his folks.

Bro. Chamber's associate Pastor, Joe Ganze and his family were there too.

It was a special treat to have some of our family in service Friday night. Polly Kramer and her son James drove nearly an hour to be with us and we enjoyed their visit so very much. Polly was married to my first cousin, Mike Kramer, for 36 years. Mike passed away suddenly nearly two years ago and it was a great blessing to get to be in service with Polly and James.

Thank you, Polly and James for coming. We enjoyed it so much.

May God bless the people of Grace Tabernacle for all of their kindness to us last week and throughout the years.

We had intended to leave Friday night after church, but we enjoyed visiting way too late. We decided to rest a while before cranking the bus. To get the BoggsMobile out of the parking lot of Grace Tabernacle, I back the bus out, pull off the hill and then hook up the Green Machine. All of that was completed and by 5:35 AM we were on the road.

We stopped about 60 miles from our destination at Love's to add a little fuel. We did not need to fill up yet, but I may need to run the generator some next week so I like a full tank of diesel for that.

We pulled into Bristow Assembly in Bristow, Virginia about 11:30 AM. Pastor Ken Taylor arrived shortly after we were parked and helped me get wired into the electricity.

Saturday afternoon and evening we enjoyed a restful evening with family.

Sunday morning we began revival with Pastor Ken Taylor at Bristow Assembly. It was a wonderful day with two good revival services and two good visits to Tony's NY Pizza. By God's grace we are going to have more good revival services this week AND more visits to Tony's!

Sis. Taylor and Pastor Taylor

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for stopping in today.


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