Thursday, May 31, 2018

Prayer and The Tent Trailer

This is my sister Theresa saying, "The pizza rolls are done!"😀😀


This has been a super great week and we have been getting quite a bit of the punch list completed on the house. There are things left to do, but I believe we are ready for the final inspection from the county. This inspection is our final hurdle and is necessary for the house to be occupied.

The Warren County and Wayne Township officials have been incredibly good to me through this whole process. They have tolerated my questions and worked around my ignorance. I have tried to do everything they have asked and have been as prepared as I could be each step of the way.

One particular Warren County inspector has been wonderfully kind and patient with me. He went out of his way to make this unfamiliar process as easy as it can be for a novice. His inspections have been informative and productive. He has held me to the standards in a friendly and helpful manner.

He has also listened to my explanations when I have changed things up or wanted to do something backward to achieve a different look or effect. He has been a joy to work with and I would love to have him for the final inspection.

Unfortunately, he retired a few months ago. I have talked to the other inspectors that have been assigned his work load and they have been completely cordial and accommodating. Still, I am a little nervous because they may look at things differently than the inspector that has shepherded us through the last year.

Pray for us concerning this today, if you will. I appreciate it very much. God knows. 

There is a small chance the inspector will be too busy to get to us today and the inspection maybe be delayed. We need this inspection this week if possible AND we need to pass! Thank you.

Tent Trailer Work

Some of the work completed this week does not involve the house at all. Monday night, for a little over an hour, there was a lot of work going on inside the barn and the tent trailer. My brother Steve gathered together a big bunch of family and we completed work in one hour that would have taken me many hours to do.

Some of you may recall that with the full tent and all 400 chairs in the trailer, we are not able to haul the Green Machine in the trailer. Kelly Jo has to follow behind in the car. Since we will not need all 400 hundred chairs and the big tent this trip, we needed to rearrange the trailer.

All the tent stuff came out, 200 hundred chairs came out and the other 200 chairs were rearranged in the trailer. 3/4 of the tent, two center poles, a pile of stakes and side poles went up on the lift, everything was strapped down and the job was done. 

I am sure the folks that helped work wish it was completed as easy as it sounds!

Odie took a few pictures.

Hot pizza rolls again!

I can not tell you how much help this was to me and Kelly Jo! We did not have time to devote to the trailer, but it had to be done. They saved me a huge amount of work and time.

Thanks to Baby Lauren, Tommy, Steve, Luke, Karen, Theresa, Jonas, Lisa, Deidre, Ben and Kelly Jo! What a great group!

There will be more fun ahead. Thank you for reading today.


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