Monday, May 14, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 5/14/2018

We sure enjoyed the Friday night service at Bristow Assembly. We had a wonderful crowd and God met with us in the altar service. It was a great ending to the week of revival for Pastor Ken Taylor and his church. They were so good to us all week long and we loved every moment of it.

We have a few pictures from that last night of revival.

We did not have to be in a hurry Saturday at all. The route to Elkton, Virginia is about 82 miles on state highways and about 120 miles on the interstate. We like the drive on the smaller roads and across the mountain but it is quicker (At least in the bus) to take the interstate. It is very scenic on that route as well.

We had no problems on the way over and we arrived about 1:30 Saturday afternoon. Kelly Jo prepared a meal and the girls napped a bit while I worked on sermon stuff. We spent a few hours on book work Saturday evening. That is the only thing that kept it from being a completely restful night.

Sunday morning we preached Mother's Day at Sandy Bottom Holiness Church for Pastor Eddie Deane. We had a marvelous service.

We are preaching this week on the east side of the mountain at the little rock church, Lydia Mountain Chapel. It is an outreach church that the Deanes started about three years ago. We preached the first revival for them in May of 2015. We were blessed of God last time and we are super glad to be back.

Elkton is 12 miles across the mountain and that is where we are parked. Pastor Brent Gabbard is very kind to allow us to park here a week early. It is a beautiful location too. Kelly Jo took these pictures of the BoggsMobile Saturday evening

Sunday Morning at Sandy Bottom

Sunday Night at Lydia Mountain Chapel

Please pray that God gives us a mighty move of His Spirit the next three night in the little rock church. I know that He is able and willing to help people right where they need him.

Thank you for reading today.


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