Friday, May 18, 2018

Revival In Pictures Stanardsville, Viriginia

We enjoyed revival again at the Lydia Mountain Chapel or Rock Chapel as they often call it. I think we were all thrilled with the response in the altar service each night. Praise God for his help and his mercy toward us all.

This is our second revival at the Rock Chapel and we love this little place. As I have mentioned before, it is an outreach work of Pastor Eddie Deane and the Sandy Bottom Church. Pastor Deane said that our revival three years ago was the first one they had and there are still people going to church that were saved in that revival! I love that!

We not only have good services there, but it is a beautiful little church. It was raining and storming a lot this week and I was not able to take good pictures of the outside of the church. These pictures are from our first visit in May 2015.

The church is gorgeous!

I mentioned in an earlier post that Pastor Buzzy Deane passed away last year. He was there having church with us in 2015. His wife, Sis. Mabel, is still alive but unable to attend church because of her health. She was there in 2015 too.

Wow! Precious, precious saints. We sure missed them this time around. God used this Godly couple to bless His people for many, many years and their legacy lives on and on.

It is time now for Revival In Pictures from this week. I hope you enjoy!


Pastor Philip Dean, on the left below, pastors in Florida, but was in service with us two nights.

His son, on the right below, was with him. It was awesome to have them and they were a tremendous blessing to the revival.

We enjoyed various combinations of the Deane family singing each night.

May God bless Bro. Frankie for coming to see us. He is one of our most faithful readers and regularly sends us comments.

You may remember that Bro. Eddie, Dr. Phil and Bro. Jordan were recently in Ohio laying the flooring in the house we are building for Odie to live in.

It was a real treat to have Bro. and Sis. Taylor with us Wednesday night!

This brother in the pictures with me below is the man that was saved in our revival here three years ago. He and his wife are so happy to be serving the Lord! Seeing them was worth more than I can say!

Jordan, Tina and Eddie!

That is all folks! Thank you for dropping in today.


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