Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday COYC 2002

The temperatures have been rising this week. It is only the last week of May, but feels more like summer is already setting in. We had some bad cold days last winter so I am not complaining about the heat yet. It will take more tha this to make me forget how cold I was only a few short months ago.

As the mercury goes up and the sweat begins to fly, my mind inevitably goes to youth camp. There were a few times of going to youth camp that I was sure they planned it for the hottest week of the year in order to keep eternity on our minds. It must have worked because the altars were always full.

Those youth camps from my youth were always the last week of June. We found a youth camp hotter than that near Purcell, Oklahoma. Central Oklahoma Youth Camp is held July 4th week every year and it is hot! We first visited COYC in 1990 and we loved it from the first service.

When we lived in Wichita, Kansas from 1999 through 2002 we went to COYC every year and took the young folks from New Horizon at least three of those years. We heard some fantastic preaching, enjoyed wonderful altar services and loved the fellowship. Did I mention it was HOT?

Oh, yes, COYC was always hot, but we made life long friends there and loved the experiences God gave us at camp. Plus, it was the first youth camp we had every attended with air conditioning in the dorms! Wow! That was pretty awesome too.

I was looking back through the archives and found a few pictures from Central Oklahoma Youth Camp in July 2002! These bring back some memories of amazing people and wonderful times. 

That year was also when we debuted our best selling song, "When Nothing But A Krispy Kreme Will Do." That was more fun that I can describe.

It is time for the pictures on this Vintage View Vednesday. I hope you enjoy.


First up, Bro. L.D. Moore

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