Thursday, May 17, 2018

This Week's House Headlines 5/17/2018

Work on the house is coming right along even with us out gallivanting around the country. Several things have been done and a few different people have been involved, but my Dad (Eugene) has been the driving force. He has been finishing the electrical, opening the house for the plumber, meeting the gutter guys, mowing the grass, moving material and at least one hundred other things.

Speaking of plumbing, it is almost complete. Once the plumber has his final inspection, we can schedule the final house inspection. We are hoping that happens soon.

Dad finished wiring the kitchen. The stove-top, garbage disposal and dishwasher are now ready to go.

The water heater is wired now too, although it is not wired in the picture below.

He also installed the ceiling fans in both bedrooms, the outside receptacles and the motion sensor porch lights.

Kelly Jo's Dad has been there this week caulking and preparing to touch up and finish the paint. We have not made his job easy at all and we appreciate him working hard on the house.

Ken Logel the gutter guy was there Tuesday and they started and finished the gutters and downspouts in less than two hours. That is my kind of work. We went with 6" gutters and Dad says they look great. They sure look good in the pictures.

I will have more to say about the gutter install when I have the facts together.

I am sure there are several other things that have been done that I have forgotten. Thanks to my Dad, everything is rolling on.

Here is the plan for completion. First, we must have the final inspection on the plumbing. Once that is completed, I will schedule the final inspection on the house for the few days we are home. 

That is less than two weeks from today. The day or two before inspection we will button up a few loose ends and do our best to be in top shape for inspection.

Some where between today and the next couple of weeks we hope to have the finish dirt work completed too. That will be a huge improvement.

We will be back home for a few days in July and preaching in our home area for two weeks in August. During those visits we will finish a few other nuts and bolts (Closet systems, security and cameras) while moving Odie in as much as possible. 

She may not have furniture or all of the appliances at that point, but she will not be staying any way. We have places to go, people to see, songs to sing and sermons to preach during the late summer and fall.

Odie will settle in while we go to Africa and beyond the latter part of November and much of December. She will have time to enjoy her new place to live before she climbs back on the bus in January.

Well, that brings us up to date. Thanks for tuning in to Mile Markers today.


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