Friday, May 4, 2018

Revival In Pictures - Bristol, Virginia

Adjustments to Mile Markers
I adjusted a few things here the last couple of days. They were mostly behind the scenes, but one change is adding a Contact Us page. We had our email address on our original website but when we folded that site into this one, there was no email address listed here. You will now find that on our Contact Us page. Of course, you are always welcome to leave a comment too.

Revival In Pictures

Today is time for Revival In Pictures. We are having a wonderful time at Grace Pentecostal Holiness Tabernacle in Bristol, Virginia. Bro. David and Sis. Brenda Horton and Bro. Michael and Sis. Tonya Switzer have always been so kind to us. We are thrilled to be here with them and all of their folks.

When we first came here years ago they were leasing the church building. They bought it soon after and each time we are here they have made great improvements. It is beautiful and neat inside and out.

We have had good response in the altar each night. I love preaching to people that love to hear preaching. Bro. Horton and Bro. Switzer are both tremendous preachers and it is obvious their folks have been trained to soak it all in and respond.  It sure makes my part of the service a pleasure.

Sis. Brenda and Pastor David Horton

Pastor Michael and Sis. Tonya Switzer 

I hope you enjoy our Revival In Pictures.

We have one more night and it is a youth rally. I am sure it will be good, but I can not guarantee the preaching will be good. We can hope I guess.

Thanks for dropping in.


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