Saturday, May 5, 2018

Encouragement From The Archives

Hey Friends,

How are you doing on this fine Saturday? This is Odie checking in from the beautiful state of Virginia. The beauty of this state amazes me every time we visit. Today the BoggsMobile will change locations and cities, but not states. We will travel from Bristol to Bristow Virginia. 

Encouragement From The Archives
We have been posting here almost 10 years. We have archived a lot of memories. We can look back at Mile Markers like a journal or old photo album. 

Time has a way of changing all of us. It happens so fast. Although important experiences quickly become distant past, I love to be reminded of the things, people and events that formed me and brought me to this place in life.

I am enjoying the series Dad is posting on Wednesdays, Vintage View Vednesday. It is fun to look back and see pictures from the past. If you have missed these posts I encourage to go back through the Wednesday posts. 

The other day I was searching Google looking for something on Mile Markers. I came across an old post from a couple of years ago. It made my day and encouraged me again. I want to re-post some of it today. Maybe it will encourage you too. 

God used a little Mississippi girl named Calley to strengthen my faith. Her faith still encourages me! Seeing this again gave me the boost I needed for another day. May God bless my precious little friend! 

I love getting notes from my young friends. Sometimes I get them before or after church. A lot the times their notes reflect their childlike faith. I want to keep the faith of a child.

Thursday we received our mail from home. I received the sweetest note from Calley Taylor of Laurel, Mississippi. It made my day! She drew a picture of me and the caption read, "You are gitting Hilled!"

Calley, I treasure your faith and encouragement! Thank you for sharing your masterpiece with me. I believe I will be healed and God used you to encourage me in my faith. 

I want to encourage everyone reading to keep believing God. Our God turns impossibilities into possible realities, in His time. Also, take a little time to be an encourager. A card, call, text, a kind word or deed can brighten someone's day unexpectedly. It feels good to help somebody see a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. 

Have a God blessed weekend. I hope you find extra, unexpected encouragement today. I am purposing to be extra, unexpected encouragement to someone today. Thank you for reading!


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