Monday, May 28, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 5/28/2018

First things first, Happy, Happy Birthday to my Dad, Eugene Boggs. We are thrilled to have Dad with us and active in our lives another year.

We enjoyed a busy and beautiful weekend and we have lots of pictures to prove it. First we have several pictures from the final night of our revival at Bible Holiness Church in Elkton, Virginia. We were joined by several local pastors and other visitors. They were all a blessing to the service.

After service Pastor Brent Gabbard and Sis. Whitney presented Odie with a card shower from the church to assist with the furniture and decor of the house we are building for her to live in. It was a very thoughtful, kind and generous gesture. We appreciate their graciousness tremendously. Odie was blown away.

Before service Friday night we had pulled the BoggsMobile around to the front and hooked up to the car. We had good help to tear down the sound system and load it up and the bus was rolling by about 10:45. I pointed the bus toward the Lazy OD Ranch and mashed the little skinny pedal on the right.

From Elkton we made our way west to I-81 and then south a few miles to I-64. From the moment we turned west on I-64, we were in the mountains. I averaged less than 45 MPH for the 120 miles or so until I-64 joins with I-77. It was a slow, slow night.

Climbing the mountains is not a big deal for the BoggsMobile. It has plenty of power for that. However, the curves while climbing the hills keep me from gaining any momentum. Plus I always take it slow going down the mountain.

I breathed a sigh of relief when we reached I-77. It is extremely curvy, but after the previous 3 hours, I-77 was a breeze!

We did have this little excitement on I-77. I brightened this first picture from the dash cam and you can barely see the deer standing broadside in our lane. I did not see it at this point.

I saw the deer as it began to turn toward me.

Thankfully it turned all the way around and dashed off the road! Whew!

We turned on US 35 west of Charleston, WV and the fog set in bad. 50 miles of that and I was spent. We snagged the only open space at a rest area near Bidwell, Ohio and sacked out for a few hours.

When we pulled into home Saturday, Dad had the barn doors open and his arms open too. I used his truck to put the tent trailer in the barn and parked the bus outside. Then we went into the house and started working.

It was nice to have good help and spectators too.

Sunday morning we drove about an hour to West Harrison, Indiana to be in service with Pastor Wade Hicks and his folks and to pick up Bro. Shobanke. It was a super great morning.

After lunch we took him to the motel to get some rest. A few hours later we were at the Highway of Holiness in Hamilton, Ohio. Bro. Shobanke has been there numerous times through the years and he was glad to be back.

We appreciate Pastor Jerry Pascarella having us all in service Sunday night. He and his folks treated us very well.

It was another great service. I am expecting to hear some testimonies of miracles from both services on Sunday.

That pretty much wraps up our weekend. We began in Virginia, ended in Ohio and enjoyed some great times in between. That makes for a wonderful weekend!

Thank you for stopping in today.


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