Friday, May 25, 2018

Revival In Pictures - Elkton, Virginia

This has been an incredible week of revival and we are hesitant to leave. When I think about it, the last several revivals have been the same way. Any of these four Virginia revivals could have easily continued on a few more nights. I love that. It is a whole lot better than wishing revival would hurry up and end!

Pastor Brent Gabbard and his family have been at Bible Holiness in Elkton nearly five years and it is almost hard to imagine when they were not here. Both of their girls have married preachers here and Bro. Brent and Teresa are now grandparents of two beautiful babies. I think they are settled in for the long haul, by God's grace.

The Bible Holiness people are gracious folks. They have been so kind to us through the years and we appreciate their friendship. We have not been here since December 2015, yet they welcomed us with open arms like we had only been gone a few weeks.

They love to have church too! That is a super big plus. God seems to love to move in that type of atmosphere and I love to be right in the middle of it.

I wish we could stay, but we have too many things pulling on us. There are a few things left to do before the final inspection on the house. I plan to work on those things Saturday afternoon and Monday. It is safe to say that our few days home will be completely full.

Also, Bro. Shobanke flew into Cincinnati on Thursday. I arranged to have him picked up and he is with Bro. Wade Hicks now. We plan to be in church with him in West Harrison, Indiana Sunday morning and then we will take him to Highway of Holiness in Hamilton, Ohio Sunday night.

He will stay with us until he leaves for Nigeria on Thursday. We are looking forward to seeing him!

It is time to get to the Revival In Pictures from Bible Holiness in Elkton, Virginia. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you for reading today.


Pastor Brent Gabbard, Sis. Teresa and their grandchildren.

One of the ladies delivered lunch to the fellowship hall in this Amazon box. Wow! Same day delivery on home cooked meals? Maybe Amazon should consider that.

What Kind of Face is THAT, Whitney?!Lol

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