Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday BoggsMobile Floor July 2009

When we purchased the bus that became the BoggsMobile in late March of 2008, it had dingy grey, well used berber carpet on the floor. I am quite sure the dirty looking carpet is one of the reasons the bus had not sold before. We were able to overlook it knowing that someday we could replace it.

By March of 2009 we had saved some money toward replacing the carpet and Kelly Jo had decide she wanted some type of dark wood. The consensus from bus folks at the time was against real hardwood in the bus and going with an engineered hardwood instead.

Pastor Philip Deane (Dr. Phil) was visiting us in the BoggsMobile during Allentown Fellowship Meeting the second week of March and we told him what we wanted to do. He told us a national store was having a great sale. He suggested picking out the flooring we wanted and having it shipped to the store in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

He also volunteered his brother Eddie to help install it when we were in Virginia in July of that year. That is how we all converged in Elkton, Virginia in July of 2009 for the big BoggsMobile floor project.

We obtained permission to park at the Bible Holiness Church. In fact, we were parked in the exact spot we are parked in right this moment. We arrived, began revival for Pastor Buzzy Deane at Sandy Bottom and we went to work. 

I posted pictures from that revival last Wednesday. Today I have never before posted pictures from the BoggsMobile flooring install. We had a great revival, laughed during the day until we cried, enjoyed wonderful fellowship and got a new floor too!

Dr. Phil and Deacon Eddie did a great job installing the engineered hardwood in the BoggsMobile. We have enjoyed it for almost nine years and it looks like it will be in good shape for many years to come.

I hope you enjoy this Vintage View Vednesday.


Eddie got a little too much glue on the floor beside the bed and it called for extreme measures to get the situation taken care of. Of course, you know we were right on the scene to capture it in pictures. 

I have shown this picture to a few hundred of my closest friends.

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