Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday Sandy Bottom Church July 2009

I appreciate Odie taking care of the Mile Markers post yesterday. I gave her the responsibility at the last minute and she handled it well.

We are having a great revival this week at the rock chapel on the east side of the mountain near Stanardsville, Virginia. The chapel is an outreach of the Sandy Bottom Holiness Church on the west side of the mountain near Elkton. I was digging through the archive and found pictures from our revival at Sandy Bottom in July 2009.

Pastor Buzzy Deane

Pastor Buzzy Deane went to glory last year and he is greatly missed around here. He was a Godly man that loved to worship God and have church. Bro. Buzzy treated everyone with kindness and certainly received us with open arms each time we preached for him.

Heaven is going to be a wonderful place and it will be all that much better because of wonderful saints that are waiting for us.

You come here on Wednesday for the Vintage pictures and we have some for you. It is amazing the difference that nine years can make in people. Wow! These kids have grown up!

I also found some pictures of Dr. Philip Deane and Bro. Eddie Deane installing the floor in the BoggsMobile while we were in revival in 2009. I will try to post them next Wednesday if I do not get distracted with something else.

Thank you all for reading today.



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