Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pursuing Virtue

Hey Friends,

Happy Saturday, I hope you have had a fantastic week. We have been thoroughly enjoying our time in the beautiful mountains of Virginia. We have one more week to enjoy this state. We plan to savor every moment.

Revival starts tomorrow with Homecoming at Bible Holiness Church in Elkton, Virginia. We are excited to be here through Friday with Pastor Brent Gabbard and all our friends at BHC! I am anticipating great things from God this week. You are invited to join us for revival if you are in the area. It is always great to see friends.

Pursuing Virtue

Several weeks ago I learned about a new blog called Pursuing Virtue. It is a collaboration of five Christian ladies to encourage and inspire all of us ladies to pursue virtue. 

They are writing some good posts and bringing in special guests to write at times as well. It has already been encouraging to me.

These are the collaborators at Pursuing Virtue.

I have known Anita Miles virtually all my life. She is the lady in the front in the picture above. She told me about the new venture as we were visiting a PFYC last month.

You can read the vision for Pursuing Virtue by clicking hereYou can also click here to see a video they posted about their purpose of the blog.

“Pursuing Virtue is a collective effort to share our thoughts on inner beauty. We also want to discuss the scriptures behind the standards and grow in our faith together, all while creating a community for godly women. We are all in this pursuit together and we hope this blog will unify, encourage, and inspire Godly women to live boldly and unashamed.”

They usually have a new post every week. You can sign up to be notified by email every time there is a new post. I have really enjoyed each installment and I wanted to pass this site on to our millions of readers. 😀

You can visit Pursuing Virtue by clicking here. Please take a moment to check them out. Pass on the word to your friends who may also find encouragement there. We are not in this journey of life alone. It is wonderful to have Godly inspiration along the way. 

Thanks for stopping by to visit today. I am thrilled you took a moment of your precious time here with me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. May God blesses you. 


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