Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 3/5/18

Friday was our last full day in Mississippi. First thing on the agenda was celebrating the 68th birthday of Pastor Kenny Morris. There were 13 of us at Strick's BBQ in Hattiesburg for lunch. We had an amazing meal and wonderful fellowship with friends.

Here is Odie Friday night before church with the birthday boy, Pastor Kenny Morris.

Speaking of church, we had one more service Friday night to conclude revival. God helped and moved in lives and most of us were rejoicing as the Lord blessed. I love revival anytime but I especially love it like that!

We appreciate Pastor Kenny Morris and Sis. Joan, Associate Pastor Andy Stringfellow and Sis. Tina. May God bless them and all the folks from Ellisville for their love and warm hospitality toward our family. We love you all.

This is Odie with a little miracle, James!

Mr. Anonymous playing the piano!

After service the whole church celebrated Bro. Kenny's birthday and also a belated birthday celebration for Sis. Joan Morris. Odie neglected to take a picture of the cake. This one of Regan goofing off will have to do.

Sis. Joan Morris ( Mama Joan)

We wanted to get on the road by 7:00 AM so I was outside at 6:00 to prepare things to roll. I am used to darkness at that hour and I was super glad to have some daylight to work in. I love longer days! I think the daylight lifted my spirit for the whole day. Boy, it does not take much to make some folks happy.

I hooked up the Green Machine, rolled up the water hose, cranked the BoggsMobile and then unhooked the electric.

Then I stopped to do the work of the evangelist before pulling out on the road at 7:00

Our next stop was a Pilot truck stop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for a spot of diesel.

It was a beautiful day to travel. This is probably the first significant travel day all year that it was not raining. The sunshine was glorious! We stopped a few more times but our moving average all the way into Kentucky was 68 MPH. That means the roads were clear, the sun was shining, the traffic was light and the BoggsMobile was running like a scalded dog.

We stopped in a rest area in Kentucky after 498 miles and 8 hours of traveling. Kelly Jo cranked the generator, prepared a big meal and then we rested. I crawled on the couch and slept about 3 hours and we were stopped nearly 7 hours.

We finished up the last 210 miles Saturday night and we were backed into the barn, parked, hooked up to electric and I was sitting in my chair by 3:00 AM. Home Sweet Barn.

Sunday was focused on recovering from the trip and attending the Visitation for Bro. Bill Houston at Dryden Rd. We arrived at 4:00 and the line was already very long. There were hundreds of people there and many folks had traveled a great distance. The great crowd was a testimony to a great, Godly man.

Today is Bro. Bill Houston's funeral and we are liable to have campmeeting!

Thank you for tuning in today.


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