Monday, March 19, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview March 19, 2018

Before I get into our weekend, I need to tell you some sad news. Pastor David Webb text us last night to let us know that Bro. Austin Hawkins passed away Sunday evening. Please pray for his wife and his dear daughters. They need God to help.

We were blessed to get to know Bro. Hawkins and his precious family last spring in Hodgenville. They won our hearts before we even knew Bro. Austin had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. We watched the Lord anoint him and his family one night in a tremendous way.

It was only after the service that someone informed me of his diagnosis and prognosis. I was amazed at his perseverance and his wonderful spirit. He will be terribly missed. Please pray for his family.

Weekend Woundup and Weview

Friday morning began early for us. We had a bunch of things on our list of things to do before we could hit the road. We scratched one item at a time and finished almost everything on the list.

Eddie, Phillip and Jordon Deane stopped by about 8:00 AM to take a few pictures and say goodbye! It was super great to have them with us and sad to see them go. I will try to put together a post with more pictures of the floor later this week.

Not only was our list getting done but J and S Septic was getting a lot completed as well. They were ready for inspection Friday afternoon and the meticulous inspector gave them the thumbs up! Hooray! I will have pictures of all of that another day too.

A man from the counter top company came about 1:00 to double check my measurements. He was there for nearly two hours. He measured everything by laser and then with a tape measure. The counters should fit correctly!

We finally wrapped everything up about 6:30 PM with the help of our family. Dad worked all day and others stopped in to shake and howdy or work. We hated to leave them but I wanted to hit the road before dark. We beat the sun going down and we left at 7:20.

I snapped this picture of the bus and the house from the barn door.

Some one took this picture about 3 miles away from the barn as we were leaving town. I think it was my nephew Jonas.

We drove about 3 hours and 40 minutes and 210 miles before I gave up. It was late by the time we climbed into bed but we all slept pretty good in the rest area near Horse Cave, Kentucky.

We shook ourselves awake and headed south Saturday morning. Nashville traffic can be worrisome but Saturdays "should" be better. Thankfully it was good. Traffic flow was kind of heavy but not slow.

Early in the day we set our sights on lunch/supper at Ruby Tuesday's in Alabaster, Alabama. The restaurant is about 25 miles south of Birmingham and is right next to a Walmart with a big parking lot. We were hoping to meet Bro. Phillip Deane there on his way home to Florida.

Bro. Phillip had further to drive and he was also caught in traffic in Knoxville. Because of that, he went through Alabaster 3 hours and 15 minutes after we did. We stopped to eat anyway and snaked our way through traffic and finally parked at Walmart. While I was idling and going through my process to shut down the BoggsMobile, the girls walked over to Ruby Tuesday's.

We were only a few minutes from diving into their salad bar when they found out the restaurant was closed due to a plumbing problem. Ouch! There was nothing to do but reverse our course and snake our way back through traffic to the interstate. That was a 35 minutes diversion and our stomach's were still growling.

Since Ruby Tuesday's was closed, we drove to the next rest area about 30 miles away. Kelly Jo prepared a good meal and we ate it at our leisure. I would have taken a nap but I knew we had two more stops to make.

Our third stop of the day was in Clanton, Alabama to add a little go-go juice to the BoggsMobile. Our last fill up was also in Alabama. It was at Pilot in Tuscaloosa two weeks before on our way home for Bro. Houston's funeral.

We are supposed to preach tent revival for Summit Holiness Church north of Montgomery, Alabama beginning April 11th. Since we were going right by there I stopped for about 30-40 minutes to inspect the proposed tent site and visit with some of the folks. That was our last scheduled stop of the day.

We could have spent the night at the Walmart nearby but it is about 120 miles from the church in Dothan so we pressed on. I do not like to drive very far on the day we begin revival. It is always easier to begin revival when we are fresh and a long drive is the best way to "kill" fresh. 

After driving a few minutes, I began to regret my decision. The traffic was heavy in Montgomery and I was sleepy. There was nothing to do but keep driving. When I pulled into Walmart in Troy, Alabama, I breathed a big sigh of relief and felt the pressure lift. We had only driven about 438 miles but it had taken us about 10 hours to do it.

We went to bed early!

Here is the BoggsMobile the next morning.

We stopped at a Rest Area between Ozark and Dothan to empty our holding tanks and pulled into Mount Sinai Holiness Tabernacle about 1:00 PM.

The church is beautiful!

We spent the afternoon getting ready for church and setting up the sound equipment. Church began at 5:30 and we had a good service to kick off revival.

We love being with Pastor Dewayne Watson and his family and church. We are looking forward to five more great services!

Sis Bridget Watson and Pastor Dewayne Watson

That wraps up our weekend! Thank you for tuning in today.


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