Tuesday, March 13, 2018

An Excellent Monday

Monday was another excellent day with progress on the house, visiting with family and wonderful friends coming from far and near. It seems that we crammed two days of activities into one day.

I suppose I should get right to it and the best way to start would be salsa!

Kelly Jo's parents came over in the early afternoon and we "had" to take them to Acapulco! You do not think they drove over an hour only to see us do you?

The salsa and the food was good as usual. I sure hope I get a chance to go back again soon.

The day started with work on the house. Kelly Jo worked, my Dad worked and I worked. I am happy with all the things that are getting completed.

About noon I went to Home Depot to finalized the order for the counter tops and pay the bill. The contractor should be out to check my measurements and get the ball rolling later this week.

Then I met Kelly Jo, Odie and KJ's parents for the late lunch at Acapulco that I already mentioned. We sure appreciate Danny and Betty coming up to spend some time with us.

Later in the day, my brother Steve dropped by and then Pastor Phillip Deane, Pastor Eddie Deane and Eddie's son Bro. Jordon Deane arrived to begin the installation of the flooring for the house. It is great to host these dear friends for a few days. They are a laugh a minute and good at what they do too!

After more great fellowship over a meal and trip to Home Depot, we went back to the house and the Deane's went to work.

Well, not straight to work.😀

Then we had another tremendous treat Monday night. Sis. Renae, Jacqueline and Albany came to visit us. Wow! What a night. Seeing these precious friends capped off a wonderful day like ice cream in 100 degree weather!

Thank you all for coming to see us! You really made our day complete.

The Deane team worked a lot and then played some music and sang some songs. This is going to be a great week!

The slab did not turn out so well so there is a bunch of leveling to be done.

We are excited about the progress! We will try to post more pictures of the floor later in the week. Thank you for stopping in.


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