Monday, March 26, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 3/26/2018

We had so many visitors Friday night for the last service of revival at Mount Sinai, that I thought Odie was going to run out of film taking pictures of them all. I thought about making this a Revival In Pictures Part II, but decided to include them all in the Weekend post as usual.

It was really great to have several Pastors and churches in attendance. We had not seen a some of the folks in a few years. God moved and blessed in the service and I was thrilled to see His people receiving help. It was a great way to cap off revival.

Here are a few more pictures from Dothan and then I will continue the weekend weview.

The girls rested a while Saturday morning while I prepared to ride. We only had about 185 miles to drive, but none of the drive was interstate. The route also covered some new territory for us and we encountered something we had never encountered while driving the BoggsMobile or pulling any of our 5th wheels.

As we entered into Blakely, Georgia, Kelly Jo saw a sign for an annual peanut festival on the forth Saturday in March. She said, "That is Today!" A few moments later we discovered the truck route through town was blocked for the festival and we only had one chance to turn before crashing the gate.

We literally had no where to go but through the barricades, a tight turn to the right or remove the car and backing out. Ouch!

I could see on the GPS that three turns could route us around the town square. The first turn was the street in front of the barricade and it looked doable. I had no idea what the next two turns would look like. People were lining the streets walking toward the festival and we attracted a bunch of attention as we made that first turn off the truck route.

The next turn was a whole 'nuther' story! It was a four way stop and both roads were very narrow. I waited for traffic to clear and inched through the left turn. I barely cleared a sign with the passenger side mirror and barely cleared the curb with the driver's side rear tires. It was CLOSE.

It was not as pressured filled as it could have been. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood on their way to the festival. Instead of horns blowing and people yelling, the drivers were waiting patiently and the pedestrians were smiling and waving.

The right turn back onto the main road was easier because the traffic was blocked from the left and from straight ahead. It could have been an aggravating ordeal but it was only a minor inconvenience. Whew!

We were all a little too preoccupied to take any pictures of the action.

We arrived in Douglas about 4 hours after we left Dothan. We parked, loaded in the sound equipment and went to eat at the Mexican buffet in town. The good food wrapped up a pretty good day.

Sunday we began revival with two great services at First Assembly in Douglas, Georgia. It is wonderful to be back with Pastor Marshall Adcock and his wife, Sis. Paige and the church. We are anticipating three more great services!

Odie and Pastor Marshall Adcock

What a great weekend! Thank you for joining us today.



  1. El Potro's buffet? Try El 1800 near Walmart, It is great!
    Tell our daughters hello when you see them.

    1. Yes, El Potro's! Thanks for the Mexican recommendation!
      We are looking forward to seeing your daughters and their families!

      Davy and Kelly Jo


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