Thursday, March 22, 2018

One GIANT Step Toward Completion

We are watching miracles before our eyes. I wish I could tell you how some of these things are possible, but I really do not know myself. I do know that the septic installation last week is one GIANT step toward completion of the house project.

The steps to design, approve and install a septic system in Warren County Ohio are complicated. Some of the steps I remember are as follows. 

-Contact the county
-Hire a county approved soil scientist
-Pay a fee and submit the soil scientist report to the county
-The county visits the site and tells me what kind of system is required
-Hire county approved septic system designer
-Submit the official design to the county for approval
-Buy the permit

Mr. Jim Haynie from J And S Septic presented the design to the county and received approval on March 15, 2017. We had spent $2100 to get to that point, more than a whole septic system costs in some states.

The next step was installing the approved system. That was completed last week. Mr. Haynie finished exactly one year after approval on March 15, 2018 and passed inspection on the 16th.

The only place to put the septic on this property was in the front yard. That would not be our choice location, but it was the only way. They also ran a curtain drain around the lateral lines and down to the back of the property to drain the ground water. He said it makes the system work better and that makes sense to me.

I knew they were getting serious when the equipment and material began to arrive.

First they dug and installed the curtain drain.

They had some delays with equipment problems but Wednesday morning they dug the hole for the septic tank and then brought it in.

Once the tank was in, they began digging and installing the lateral lines. They made quick work of it.

Once the inspection was completed Friday, he covered it all up and smoothed it out.

This is what it looked like as we pulled out Friday evening.

After some rain and settling, Mr. Haynie will be back to do what needs to be done to the ground. Once the porches are poured, I may have him do the finish grade too.

This was a huge hurdle for us and it feels good to get it behind us!

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  1. Septic system looked really good, won't be long now Y'all shall have Odie's home completed,
    Praise to the LORD !~!

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. Thanks, Frankie! They were very thorough.

      We are thankful that task is completed.



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