Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Today's House Headlines 3/27/2018

We are having great services in Douglas, Georgia this week. Several friends blessed us Monday night by visiting the revival and they were a tremendous encouragement to us. I plan to have more on that later in the week.

Progress is being made on the house even though we are in south Georgia this week. My Dad and my cousin, Gary Coffman completed most of the electrical work on the kitchen island Monday.

Before the slab was poured in May, they buried two runs of PVC conduit from the panel to where the island would eventually sit. Monday they ran the wires from the panel through the conduit and into a box mounted in the island. They ran receptacles for the dishwasher, the microwave/convection oven and two receptacles for handheld appliances that might be needed.

We discussed final plans for this project the last day we were home and now they have checked this item off the list. I appreciate both of them working on it and Gary donating most of the materials too. Thank you both.

There is a reason the electrical needed to be finished in the island. I received a phone call the other day telling me that the counter tops should be installed next week! That is very, very exciting. Once the tops are on, the plumber can finish the sinks, faucets and all of the rest, bringing us one step closer to being ready for final inspection! Yay!

Our next huge step is the concrete porches. I am hoping we can make some plans for the concrete to be poured soon. We will be home a few days the end of April to drop the tent trailer in the barn. It would be perfect if the plumbing and porches could both be finished that week.

Speaking of the house, I also have some pictures that Odie took the week we were home working on the house, eating at Acapulco and taking the Deanes to Dryden Rd. I have posted them below.

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Emily and JC Burris stopped in to visit while in Ohio on tour with Heritage Seminary.

More flooring pictures. Can you every have too many flooring pictures? Probably!

Our Pastor invited Bro. Phillip Deane to preach Thursday night. We had a great time enjoying all of the singing and preaching.

Me, Gary and Dad going over the electric for the island.

We had lots of help during the flurry of activity the last day before we rolled out of town.


  1. The house is turning out beautifully! I love the flooring and the kitchen!

    1. Sis.Tiffany,
      Thank you so much! I love the way it is all coming together. Love and miss y’all.


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