Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Woudup and Weview March 12, 2018

The weekend was busy and very productive. My parents, my brother Steve and his wife Karen and Kelly Jo helped on the house project and totaled a bunch of hours between them all. We laughed and had a good time but a great deal of work was completed too.

Inside the house we worked on nail guns, put the finishing touches on some trim, scraped and cleaned the floors, installed bathroom vanity lights, designed and installed and accent wall in the bedroom and several things I have forgotten.

The septic system company started Friday afternoon on the curtain drain to the back of the property. This helps drain the natural ground water around the septic field so that the leach lines work properly. They came back Saturday but had an equipment problem early in the day. I am sure they will continue today.

Oh yeah, we also had a trip OR two to Acapulco!

Saturday we had a little warmth with the sunshine in the afternoon so we cleaned up quite a bit outside. We had been stacking stuff in the garage. Some of it needed to be carried to the barn and some of it needed to be burned.

Dad burned the cardboard and paper, Steve and Kelly Jo carried the stuff and cleaned the garage again.

Steve also helped me pick up all of the scrap from the siding install a few weeks ago. The workers did a pretty good job putting it all in stacks and we moved it behind the barn. We also moved the unused siding that is still in whole pieces. That was a big project and now it is all completed.

Dad and Steve both worked on the thermostat trying to run the furnace remotely from our phones. They now know what needs to be done.

Saturday ended with another trip to Acapulco. It really was a great day and we could not have done it without the help of our family.

Sunday morning we sang and preached for Pastor Kevin Allen at Calvary Pentecostal Lighthouse in Middletown. We love Bro. Kevin and his family and we always enjoy preaching for them. We hope to have a City Reach in their neighborhood in 2019 by God's grace.

Odie was not very happy that a thief tiptoed in and stole an hour of her sleep about 2:00 AM Sunday morning. No, she was not happy about that at all. However, she did get the upper hand. Sunday afternoon about 2:00 PM she took back her hour of lost sleep and then took another one too! Father time should not mess with Odie. She will get even, plus!

Sunday evening we loaded up and drove to West Harrison, Indiana to sing and preach for Pastor Wade Hicks. They wanted us to sing a little extra so we sang about 30 minutes and then I preached about 35 minutes. We had a good altar service but we had an even better prayer line. I believe that most of the congregation was very encouraged. I know that we were!

It was midnight before we arrived home but it was a day well spent with God's people and in God's presence. We are looking forward to a great day today. We are expecting special friends to arrive this afternoon to install the flooring in the house. I will have more on that later.

Thank you for reading today.



  1. Hard work good food and good friends sounds good to me,..BE safe

    1. It would be even better if you came, Bro. Larry!

      Thank you for reading.



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