Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday 2003 July Crabbfest

During the early 2000's we went to Crabbfest in Owensboro, Kentucky for a few years. That was the annual singing hosted by the Crabb family and they had the Isaacs sing each night. We were living in Kansas at the time and it gave us an chance to spend some time with family from Ohio that attended.

We would all pile up in the hosting hotel and have the time of our lives.

We had some great experiences, met some great people and created a lot of memories that we still cherish today. Remind me some time to tell you the story of my Dad watching a ladies group load up in their van in front of the hotel. We laughed until we cried.

Oh! How could we ever forget the story of the Crafton's getting locked IN their hotel room late at night by a malfunctioning lock and then discovered the phone was dead too! They knocked on the door to the adjoining room with no idea who was in there. It was my parents! The story is hilarious!

I ran across a small group of pictures from 2003 and I thought they would be perfect for a Vintage View Vednesday. This was our first summer back on the road. We parked our 1984 Hitchhiker 5th Wheel in the parking lot and joined in the fun.

I hope you enjoy these pictures.


The Crafton Trio won the talent contest that year.

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