Thursday, March 15, 2018

Gaining Momentum

Our days this week have been packed with house activity so my time for posting much at all each morning is limited. Kelly and I have not been working every moment of the day but we have been staying busy. We are trying to do whatever we can do to help the Deane flooring gurus with the small stuff and answer any questions the septic guys have.

Both projects are going well and nearing completion. Hopefully by this evening the floor will be finished and the septic will be ready for inspection. IF I can, I will do a post tomorrow with more details and lots of pictures.

I told you this week would be fun. Even though we are putting in very long days, we are having the time of our lives. We are singing, working, laughing, eating and then laughing some more.

We have been to Acapulco a time or two and this was Tuesday's visit.

The meal was fabulous. It was as good as it has ever been. The portions were huge too! I think they were showing off for our guests and that is fine by me!

This is Odie in the kitchen/dining area of the house and the living area behind her. We think the flooring looks great! What do you think?

We are anxious to show you more pictures of it!

The septic tank has been set and the lateral lines have been dug. They only have a few more things to do on the septic.

It has been bitterly cold at night and very cold during the day at times. When they were setting the tank in place in the picture above the wind was blowing and it was frigid. That was the norm for the day.

We did have a few small spots of sunshine like the picture below. They were definitely the bright spots in the day but they were fleeting.

We have another full day planned today and then we are taking the Deane crew to church at Dryden Rd. with us tonight. It should be a great day.

That is all for today. Thank you for joining us.



  1. Flooring looks great! Super exciting!
    See you down the road.

    1. You mean “See you on the ocean?”



    2. Ocean???? Did bro Deane bring you a sail boat... I’ll fishin with you if he did������


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