Friday, March 16, 2018

Hopefully Rolling Tonight

There are several things on the agenda that need to be done before we pull out of the Lazy OD Ranch but our intention is to be rolling Friday night if at all possible. I have three categories of things to do. 

1. Things that must be done before we leave.
2. Things that need to be done before we leave.
3. Things I would like to get done before we leave.

It will be interesting to me how far passed category #1 I can manage to navigate.

I am typing this very late Thursday night. It was another long, productive and blessed day but all my "extra" time evaporated. We have an early morning ahead and much to do so you only get a few pictures today.

The flooring in the house for Odie is installed. We have a lot of pick up and clean up to do on the floor today among a list of other things.

I did not talk to the septic guys before they left Thursday but it looks like they are ready for inspection!

We also had a great service at Dryden Rd. We enjoyed singing with the Deanes, really enjoyed listening to them sing and then we were blessed tremendously by Pastor Phillip Deane's preaching. It was a wonderful night.

That is all I have time for tonight. I will fill in the details later. Thanks for reading today.


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