Friday, March 9, 2018

A Sketch of Our Week

It has been a busy week on the home front but that is the expected norm when we are home for a few days. We have people to see, places to go, food to eat and a house to build! I will try to post more pictures later from this week's progress on the house, but I have a few interesting pictures today.

I also have big news about the house. The septic system installation is scheduled to begin this morning and the flooring installation is supposed to take place next week. These are exciting times and that means the end of this process is getting closer!

We had a bona fide miracle Friday and Saturday concerning the finances for the house. We should have had the septic installed months ago but it is a pretty big ticket item so we spent money on other house areas. It needed to be put in NOW so I made the call not knowing how I would swing it.

Friday and Saturday we received all but $500 of the money from completely unexpected sources. Three offerings in less than 12 hours and one week later, the septic is going in! Wow!

I will give play by play on the rest of the week as we look at pictures  pictures.

Monday was Bro. Bill Houston's funeral and we sang a medley of a few of his songs. Here we are in the Dryden Rd. adult Sunday school room practicing before the service.

Monday evening we stopped at Acapulco for our first taste of their salsa in a few months! It was all delicious!

Thursday we had several bouts of heavy snow during the day. Thankfully, not much of accumulation.

Thursday Kelly Jo and I had another lunch visit to drink some salsa.

One of the house projects was painting the block walls and concrete ceiling in the closet/safe room. The paint is a special block filler paint. It is about as thick as gravy and messy to apply. It sure brightened the room

Kelly Jo and Odie spent one evening below Hillsboro with some of Kelly Jo's family. They were excited to see the completed home of Kelly's parents. I am anxious to see it too.

Odie snapped a few great pictures at my parent's house this week.

I mentioned yesterday that we sang and preached at Dodds Wednesday night. Thursday night we were blessed to hear our Pastor preach. All we had to do was sing a little and enjoy the Word of God! It was nice to be home.

Besides painting the safe room, we have also been working on a few other house things. Kelly Jo brushed on a coat of polyurethane inside some of the cabinets. All the sink bases and any other cabinets that could be vulnerable to a water leak should now be protected from water damage at least partially.

We had a 32" vanity in the second bathroom. It was built especially for the space as it was designed. The plumber missed the drain location by several inches and the vanity was only 10 inches from the center of the drain. We measured carefully and the commode would fit but the edge would only be 1" from the cabinet.

We purchased a 24" vanity and sink for a very reasonable price at Home Depot and installed it this week. It fits perfect and looks great but the quality is a lot less than the custom built vanity. We will find another use for the larger one.

We also cleaned the garage and we are in the process of cleaning/scraping the floors to get them ready for flooring next week. We have more projects we hope to complete today and tomorrow and we have a bunch of outside cleanup as well.

Hopefully I can post more pictures of all that next week. Thank you for dropping in to sit a spell today.


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