Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview February 12, 2018

For the weekend review let me slip all the way back to Tuesday for a moment. I was set to preach chapel service at 9:00 AM for the school at House of Prayer in Mauriceville, I woke up early with a bad crick in my neck. Which always reminds me that Odie used to say, "I have a cricket in my neck."

At first I thought it was only a little sore. I shifted my head and realized it was way more than a little sore! Ouch!

I made it through the chapel service but the pain kept getting worse all day. I did not seriously consider staying put and not traveling Tuesday, but that probably would have been the best thing. I was definitely not up to my normal below average performance.

By the time we stopped at a rest area Tuesday evening I felt like I was going to be sick each time I moved my head. My world seemed to be spinning around. It was a little better every day this week and by Sunday it was a dull ache with only occasional sharp pain. I may live through it after all.

At Walmart Thursday a truck and trailer pulled in that grabbed my attention. I have seen a lot of rigs along the road, but this is a first for me.

The front axle and wheels have been removed from an extended van. Then they welded a fabricated hitch onto the frame of the van. Now they have an enclosed trailer. Incredible.

By Saturday we were pulling into Full Gospel Lighthouse in Sweeny, Texas. It has been two years since we had the bus here even though we flew in for three services last year. It was good to pull into familiar surroundings.

As we pulled in, we unloaded the sound equipment and then parked. We had not eaten so while I was setting up the sound, Kelly Jo began preparations for lunch. We had a couple of packages waiting for us and I was anxious to open one of them.

I have carried all of our Mackie speakers without covers or cases of any kind for years. They have handled the road use well. Most of the Meyer speakers and subs that Ben Isaacs donated to Boggs Family Ministries in 2016 came with rolling cases. After using the cases I realized how vital they are to keeping the equipment in good shape.

I do not have room in the bus bay for rolling cases for everything so I ordered custom covers from Cloud 9 Covers. I am impressed. I ordered covers for the two Meyer UPJ's, two of the Mackie 450's and two of the Meyer UPA's.

The UPJ is on the left and the Mackie 450 is on the right.

We did a long sound check Saturday evening, visited with Pastor Lamb a few hours and then rested good for Sunday morning. Revival is off to a good start and we are anticipating good things all week long.

You probably would not believe we had Mexican food for lunch, would you?

We appreciate the great crowd Sunday night including some first time visitors.

That wraps up a great weekend. Thank you for joining us today.


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