Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview February 5, 2018

The weekend started with Lambert's in Foley, Alabama and ended with a great service and wonderful fellowship in Mauriceville, Texas. If you add in about 400 miles of driving and a little bus induced psychosis, it all adds up to a pretty good weekend.

Friday lunch was at one of our favorite tourist type places. A trip to Lambert's pretty much guarantees and good time. We nearly laughed ourselves silly with Pastor Eddy Sullivan and Associate Pastor Corey Brown!

Friday night we had a great service with a bunch of fellowship from other churches. The church from Copeland drove about two hours to be with us. It was great to have them. When it was over, we were praising God for a good conclusion to revival.

We did not have to hit it too early Saturday morning so I let the girls rest a little and then we prepared to hit the road. I snapped a few pictures before we pulled out.

We are dealing with an electrical gremlin in the BoggsMobile. I have a few regular readers that originally came here from the Prevost Community Forum. They already know about this problem because the guys over there have been helping me with it this week. 

The fan on the radiator is temperature controlled but it is coming on immediately now. That prevents the engine from getting up to temperature. The Detroit 60 series is not as fuel efficient when running too cool and the fan running constantly uses more fuel too.

The guys at the PC forum have helped me narrow the problem down and now I am searching for the specific culprit. It is not really keeping us from running but it makes the drive more stressful. 

After a little over 200 miles we parked in the Bass Pro east of Baton Rouge and unhooked the Green Machine so that we could visit the Mexican food buffet that we discovered two years ago. This place is really good!

The great meal, the bus induced psychosis and the rain finished me off for the day. We drove back to the bus at Bass Pro and we were sleeping before too long. I actually slept pretty good over night.

We were not scheduled to preach until Sunday night but we had intended to visit a church Sunday morning. Since we did not drive far enough Saturday, we had to make some time toward Texas on Sunday.

We made one last stop for fuel before we made it to the church.

We pulled into the House of Prayer near Mauriceville, Texas about 4:30. By the time we were parked, hooked up to utilities and had our sound loaded in and hooked up, we only had a few minutes to get ready for church at 6:00.

We had a wonderful service with Pastor Mark Compton and his folks Sunday night. We will try to have pictures later in the week.

That wraps up the weekend. Thanks for dropping in.


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