Saturday, February 10, 2018

Let's Laugh

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in today from Texas. I have been laughing at myself recently. I have some hilarious stories in my past and probably lots more to come in the future. At least I am good at providing blog material. 

I decided we needed to laugh today so I wanted to share some of my craziness with you. I know a couple of these stories have been blogged about before, but we will revisit them. Maybe laughing at me with me will brighten your day. 

The Day I Had White Hair

I do not know if this first story was ever told here. I think this happened in June of 2009 or 2010. I can not find a record of it online.

First, let me give you details leading up to that day. I have used different forms of Aussie hairspray for years. I had a certain size hairspray bottle I liked to use. That size was no longer available for purchase, but I kept the old bottle and would pour more hairspray in as needed. It worked great for a long time until that particular day.

We pulled into Wichita, Kansas on a Saturday. Dad was preaching a Bible School graduation that afternoon. I was in a hurry to shower and get ready for the graduation. I remember having to fix my hair wet, but I was ready on time. 

The last thing I hurried to do was spray my hair. I was sliding out of the bus when Mom looks at me strangely and says "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR!?" My hair was covered with a layer of white stuff. 

There was no way to get the white out without washing my hair and I did not have time for washing my hair again. So I went to the graduation with white hair. I remember being so embarrassed that afternoon. I wanted to hide in the corner and cry.

We figured out my hairspray bottle was the culprit. I had used the bottle and added more hairspray for so long that hairspray had dried and caked in the bottle. That day it all decided to come out and stick to my wet hair! I threw away the hairspray bottle and we were no longer friends. I guess it was helping me stay humble. I do not get attached to my hairspray bottles now.

Jean Skirt Goes To Church

This originally happened in 2013 and Dad mentioned it recently here in this post.

Here is the story behind the picture. We were staying at the evangelist quarters at Beams of Light in Cantonment, Florida. I was getting ready for church. I remember changing my clothes for church and draping my jean skirt on my chair to carry it back to my suitcase. 

Obviously, I forgot to put the skirt in my suitcase. I did not realize it until I got to church that night. The skirt was still on the back of my chair.

It gave us something to laugh about. I am just thankful it was just a skirt hanging on my chair. It could have been much more embarrassing! I think about it every time I visit Beams of Light.

Waving At A Sweater 

This story happened in the fall of 2016. You can see the original post here. We were shopping at Stein Mart in Tennessee. 

I was telling Mom a story and part of the story involved me waving "hi" to someone. Well, in the middle of the story I spotted a sweater on a rack that I wanted to point out to Mom. I mixed up the story and what I was actually doing. Instead of pointing at the sweater, I WAVED at the sweater! 

Yes, that is correct. I WAVED hello at a sweater hanging on the rack like it was my long lost friend. I had never even met the sweater before!

Here is the conversation that followed. 

Mom: Oh my goodness!
Odie: What?
Mom: Did you just wave at that sweater?
Odie: YES!! I am so dumb!

I doubled over in laughter and had a hard time regaining my composer. I am still laughing at myself! Have you ever liked a sweater so much you could wave at it? 

Funny side note, I have no clue what the original story was that I was telling Mom.

That is all of my craziness that I will share for now. You can not make this stuff up! This all happened to me. I guess I should have been blonde. 

Do you have any funny stories? Leave them in the comments below. Thank you for visiting today. I hope you have a great weekend. 



  1. This is so funny Odie!! I’ve laughed & laughed at this.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Sis. Heidi. Love yall!!!


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