Thursday, February 15, 2018

It Is All Relative

It is all relative. When we left El Mirage Wednesday December 20th mid morning it was approaching 70 degrees outside.

IMG_6228-791735.JPG (400×300)

When we pulled into the barn on the Lazy OD Ranch Saturday December 23rd it was approaching about 20 degrees. We thought we would freeze to death!

There is 60 degrees difference between the picture above and this picture below.

The next 10 days we were home did not improve one ounce.

IMG_9716-701791.jpg (400×300)

It was cold, cold, cold. It snowed several days and it was cold some more times!

When we arrived home from New Year's Eve service the real outside temperature was minus 5 degrees, the power had been out 6 hours and it was 44 degrees inside the BoggsMobile. It was 41 inside by the time the power came back on at 4:00AM. Ouch!

We were miserable cold the whole time we were home. We were way more than ready to head toward Louisiana shortly after the first of the year.

We drove the first day to a truck parking area near Jackson, Tennessee.

It was a cold night but we were cozy warm in the BoggsMobile. In the morning I went outside and walked around the bus to check things out and to see if we could wiggle our way through the trucks and leave.

I was amazed how warm it felt. It was cold but it felt way, way better than home. I checked the temperature and it was a whopping 25 degrees! I would have declared up and down that it was 45 instead of 25!

It is all relative. It is what you get used to. Going from a solid 70's to lower 20's, teens, single digits and below zero was a jolt to our system. We were used to much warmer.

Even though we felt like we were not acclimating to the super cold temperatures in Ohio, we really were. The fact that 25 degrees in Jackson felt really good proved it to me. It is all relative.

We had some cool days in Louisiana the next week. We had some downright cold days and nights in Moss Point, Mississippi the week after that. But both weeks were considerably warmer than what we had at home Christmas week.

The next few weeks have been pretty moderate. It was not as warm as some folks would like, but it has been great to us.

Then we dipped down to 40 and then 34 one night this week and we thought we would freeze to death all over again. How can that be? 25 felt good a few weeks ago and 35-40 feels like Siberia now. 

It is all in what you are used to feeling. It is all relative!

That reminds me of one of my favorite fat jokes. When some one that has not seen me in a while when I have lost some weight, they sometimes say, "You are looking skinny" or "Hello, skinny!"

I always say, "Skinny is a relative term and ain't none of my relatives skinny!"

It is all relative!😍 🤣 

Thank you for dropping in today.


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