Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 2/19/2018

Before I launch into a description of our weekend, I want to ask you again to Pray for Bro. Bill Houston. He is is desperate need of a miracle in his body. Please pray Bro. Bill and his wife, Sis. Darien.

We finished revival Friday night in Sweeny, Texas with another great altar service. I sure appreciate the way the folks at Full Gospel Lighthouse responded to the preaching all week long. That really makes the difference in revival.

Here are a few pictures from Friday.

We visited with our friends quite a while Friday night after tearing down the sound system and packing it away. They were asking us to stay and it was a little sad to leave them.  But I always go by the adage that Bro. Bill Houston taught me years ago. "It is better to leave with them wishing you to stay, than to stay with them wishing you would leave!"

Saturday I visited a while with Pastor Lamb and then it was time to hook up the car, crank the BoggsMobile, unhook the electric and hit the road. I did those things in that order and soon we were ready to go.

I usually leave Sweeny at night because we are usually crossing Houston when we leave. Night time is definitely the best time to drive through or even around Houston. Our last time through at night the traffic was light but because of a road closure, we had to pay $42 dollars for the privilege to driving 37 miles on the toll road. Ouch!

I hoped Saturday traffic would not be too bad, but I knew better. I am sure it was better than daytime Monday through Friday but it was a nerve wracking mess. I suppose I was exercising my right to be lazy by not leaving Friday night.

Once we made it to the north side of Houston I needed a few minutes to calm my nerves. We just "happened" to know of a Sam's parking lot right next door to a newly remodeled Golden Corral in Humble, Texas. Score!

About an hour and 15 minutes after leaving Sam's, we were pulling into Beech Creek Assembly near Livingston, Texas. This is our third revival for Pastor Don Goodwin here so we know where to park and we were ready to unload sound equipment in a few minutes.

We might would have taken a nap for a few minutes before loading in, but the weather guessers were guessing rain. We would rather not get us OR the sound equipment soaked unless absolutely necessary so we loaded in.

Kelly Jo and I loaded in, set up and then did sound check and sang. We were there for about three hours and a great afternoon turned into a great evening.

I think we all rested well Saturday night and woke up ready to enjoy a wonderful Sunday in revival with God's people. It was a great day!

We had two great services, two great meals with friends and wonderful fellowship all along the way. We will only be here through Wednesday so we will try to pack in as much revival as we can! It should be fun.

Thank you for reading today. God bless you all.


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