Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday - July 2003 Recording

Our flashback this week soars back in time to July 2003. We had left the pastorate in Wichita the first Sunday in January and we were enjoying our first full year back on the road since 1993. We were traveling in our 2003 Chevy, pulling our 1984 Hitchhiker 5th wheel, enjoying great revivals and having a time!

A bunch of our immediate family had gathered for a few days of rest in Owensboro, Kentucky at Crabbfest. It was a lot of fun. Afterward we drove to Nashville, Tennessee for our second recording session there. Recording makes us nervous but the excitement is bigger than the nerves every time!

Ben Isaacs had a great bunch of musicians scheduled to lay down the music tracks on Monday at Hilltop Studio. Tracking day is the most exciting part of the recording process and we were stoked for the day to begin.

This was the recording session for "This is How It Feels to Be Free."

This is the song list from that CD.

1. He Came Through (The Lord Came Through)
Ashley Cleveland, James Hollihan, Russ Taff, Walter H. Wilson Jr./Warner-Tamerlane Pub. Co./BMI
2.  You Saved Me
Jeff Silvey, Michael Puryear/Milene Music, BMG Music Pub., Inc./BMI
3.  God Says You Can
Marcia Henry, Karen Peck/Chesnut Mound Music, Karen Peck Music/BMI
4.  I Think I’ll Take Some Time
Bryant Jones Sr./Ship Publishing/All Rights by Just Mike Music/BMI/2nd verse written by Sharon Whitley
5.  When Nothing But A Miracle Will Do
Rhonda Elizabeth Belford, Aaron Wilburn/House of Aaron Music/BMI
6.  Redeemed                                              
Gerald Crabb/Crabb’s Song Music/BMI
7.  This Is How It Feels To Be Free                
Sean Craig, Dave Clark, Don Koch/Ariose Music, Praise Song Press, Admin. By E.M.I Pub./ASCAP
8.  I’m At Your Mercy
Harrie and Joyce Martin McCollough, Jeff Silvey/Berlin Rd. Music, Joyce Martin McCollough Pub., Willow Branch Pub./BMI
9.  Soon Be Gone
Davy Boggs/Odie Podie Music/BMI
10.  Do Your Little Part
David Rose/Odie Podie Music/BMI
11.  Power To Restore
Davy, Kelly and Odie Boggs, Rick Combs/Odie Podie Music/BMI

Wow! We have sung a few of those songs a time or two!

The vintage pictures today come from those few days in Nashville. We need to get back into the studio for another record and these pictures really make us want to do it!

A 17 year old Odie and the incredible Aubrey Haynie. 

Aubrey played fiddle, mandolin and banjo on this project.

Ben Isaacs and Steve Chandler at the board giving someone a hard time.

Ben and Odie doing what we all do best!

Ben recording background vocals

Odie and Bobby All. Bobby played acoustic guitar on this project. 

Bobby's roots run way back in music, playing sessions and producing for many, many years. He played on and produced many of the records we grew up listening to on Eddie Crook's labels.

The fat guy with the John Deer suspenders.

Odie and Gary Prim

Gary played piano on This Is How It Feels To Be Free. Gary has been a piano player, songwriter and producer in Nashville going back to the 70's but we remember he most for his years with the Hinsons! Wow!

Odie and Greg Ritchie.

Greg has played on all of our studio projects in Nashville and we love him to pieces.

Odie and the legendary Kelly Back

Kelly Back was raised in our neck of the woods. He is a Pentecostal boy from Verity Parkway Church in Middletown. He has played for every one including the Hinsons and the Gaither stuff. He is tremendous and a really nice guy.

Kelly Jo singing!

Steve Chandler

Steve has engineered three of our records, Cradled In Grace, This Is How It Feels To Be Free and Simple Truth. I can sit and listen to Steve's stories about traveling with and recording the Happy Goodman's all day long.

Now we are back to Ben and Odie eating donuts again!

That is our Vintage View Vednesday post for this week. I hope you enjoy it.


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