Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #29

This weekend has been a great blessing to us. We were very happy to experience the presence of the Lord in the services and to enjoy some time with our dear friends in Texas. Praise God for His help and praise God for our friends!

We worked long hours on the house last week and we kind of dreaded the early morning flights Friday and the busy weekend away. However, it was a super blessing to us all the way around. We had great services, great fellowship and a few days of much needed time away.

In fact, I needed the rest more than I realized. We were up by 3:00 AM Friday morning so we took a good nap in Sweeny Friday afternoon after our flights. Then I slept 6 hours Friday night, took a two hour nap Saturday afternoon and then slept 6 more hours Saturday night.

That is an awful lot of sleep for me and I savored every moment of it. I am writing this late Sunday night after preaching Sunday morning and then spending the rest of the day traveling. I think I can lay down and sleep some more!

We appreciate Pastor Larry Lamb and his folks for receiving us very warmly as they always do. Our first visit there was probably in 1991. We did not visit south Texas during our years at home from 93 to 99 and while we were pastoring in Kansas from 99 to 2003, but we have enjoyed many revivals with them over the last 26 years. We always wish we could stay a little longer.

Davy and Pastor Larry Lamb

They built a temporary ramp for Odie to use while we were there. Cool!

The flights from Dayton to Atlanta and then to Houston were nearly perfect. We had know trouble with the transfer in Atlanta and both flights were a little early or right on time.

We did have a few hiccups at Hobby Airport in Houston on the way back and the rest of the evening was a little rough around the edges all the way through. We had three gate changes in Atlanta, the plane that was scheduled to take us to Dayton was having trouble and we finally left on a second plane about an hour behind schedule.

We did arrive in Dayton all in one piece so that is the important part. 

That wraps up our weekend. Thanks for stopping in to read today.


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