Saturday, February 24, 2018

An Appetizing App

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Mississippi. I hope you all have had a good week. This week we immensely enjoyed being with Pastor Don Goodwin and our sweet friends at Beech Creek Assembly. I am thankful that God visited us in revival!

Now we are in Ellisville, Mississippi. I am happy to be here with Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris. They are some of our special road family! We are anticipating a wonderful time at First Assembly! Revival is scheduled for Sunday-Friday and I invite you to join us in service. 

I appreciate that some of you let me know you enjoyed my post last Saturday. Thank you for your feedback! You can click here to view that post. Last Saturday I talked about Hobby Lobby and today we will visit Chic-fil-A

Chic-fil-A is another company built on Christian principles. It is ”My Pleasure,” quoting their employees, to give them my business. My days are always better if they include Chic-fil-A.

When I was a girl our local mall had a Chic-fil-A and it was always fun to visit the restaurant. I still love going to their restaurants across the nation. I wish I knew all the locations that I have visited. 

Last year Chick-fil-A celebrated 50 years of business and the company is still expanding. I have had many friends work for this great company through the years and most of them enjoyed the experience very much. 

I learned more about the company’s history on the website here. It is nice to read their stories. Some franchisers do really nice things for their local communities and I loved reading it. You can also test your Chick-fil-A knowledge on their website.

Chick-fil-A is known for their fast service and hot food. A few months ago I downloaded the Chic-fil-A app on my phone. The app makes ordering and receiving food even quicker.

I really like this app and I wanted to recommend it to you. It is available in the iTunes App Store here  I am always on the lookout for cool apps and I like getting recommendations from my friends. This app is definitely a keeper for me!

Mom and I have successfully used the app several times. Never once has our order been lost. We have ordered at different locations too, Arizona, Ohio, Alabama and Texas. 

How does it work?

You download the free app from the iTunes App Store.

Then open the app and set up your account. You should be automatically logged into your account the next time that you open the app. 

Then choose your desired location and pick up preference.

Place your order, select payment type and confirm your order.  Once you have arrived at the location, click I am here and your order will be ready soon. 

It is super easy and a great way to avoid the line. This even works if you are dining inside the restaurant. For me it is much easier than navigating the line with a wheelchair!

A nice feature is that I can login a gift card to my account and it will add the balance to my account. It is there for future purchases. I do not have to keep up with the gift card or remember to bring it with me.

I like receiving a random reward from Chic-fil-A. I also get rewards after a certain amount of purchases. Free food is always nice! I have couple rewards waiting for me. I look forward to redeeming them soon.

Well, are you hungry yet? I know that I am craving a Chick-fil-A fix. It is ”My Pleasure” to have you visit with us. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. 

I will close with a link to the hilarious song ”God Bless You Chic-fil-A”. You can find it here sang by Christian comedian Tim Hawkins. 


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