Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Tent Goes Up In OKC

I scheduled the set up a little later than normal in Oklahoma City to give Kelly Jo and I a chance to rest a few hours after leaving Wichita at the end of service Friday night. Normally we have the stake layout marked by the night before but we were doing that Saturday morning too. We like to start set up at 8:00 in order to beat the heat and allow folks to get on with their plans for the day. There are things to piddle with all day but most of the crew can leave within about two hours.

We were going to start at 10:00 but some of the Pastors announced 9:00. We had a great crowd present at 9:00 so away we went. In less than two hours the tent was up, the lights were hung and the chairs were set.

The stakes go in and the tent goes out.

We had quite a bit of wind for the tent set up! Once we set up the center poles, it looked like we would never get the tent strapped down tight. The wind actually lifted some of the ladies off the ground as they were holding the side poles. No pictures of flying people unfortunately.

If you have ever wondered why the traveling circus has elephants, wonder no more after you see the picture below!

Our dear friend Bro. JR Alexander stopped by to help us Saturday! Thanks Bro. JR. It was great to see you!

Some of the set up crew left early to pass out some more flyers so they missed the group picture. The next two pictures are of some of them.

Here is the fantastic set up crew for City Reach OKC. They worked hard and most everything was done before the heat of the day settled in.

It was a great set up day and all went well and every one was safe. We are having good services and we are expecting them to be even better the next four nights. Come and be with us if you can.

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