Wednesday, June 29, 2016

City Reach Dayton Location

Tuesday night of City Reach OKC was tremendous! God held the rain off until the service was over and God saved some folks in the process. I absolutely loved it. Thank you for praying for the services. It is working!

City Reach Dayton Location

We are still working out some of the final details of City Reach Dayton but we are ready to announce the location. This has been one of the most challenging cities to find a location AND get permission from the property owners. A few men in the Dayton area have been diligent to help me look but every time I asked for permission, I came up empty.

The last several weeks I have been going over locations and making phone calls and waiting for a call back. Last week I received two calls on two different locations I had inquired about. One of the locations was my very first choice. The owner was very willing to let us use the property but the dates did not work out and conflicted with a business he is opening.

The other call was about a location right near I-75 near downtown. We had noted this location back in August and had driven passed it again in December. One of the men looking for locations for me had also suggested it. It is not a perfect location. It does have the visibility of I-75 but I-75 also separates the location from an ideal City Reach neighborhood. Not perfect but still very good and hopefully right where God wants us.

The city of Dayton was very accommodating in the permitting process and I can foresee one lady in a certain city office getting a very nice fruit tray or something when I get there. She was that good, that kind and that efficient! I LOVE talking to and working with nice people that seem like they are trying to make life easier and not more difficult.

City Reach Dayton will be held at 601 N. Main St. Dayton, Ohio July 10-15, Sunday-Friday. Service on Sunday will begin at 6:30 and Monday-Friday will begin at 7:30. The location is just south of I-75 on the west side of North Main St.

We are excited and a lot of folks around Dayton are excited too. Please continue to pray that God will have His will and way in Dayton and in our lives. Make plans to come be with us too!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. We won't be able to make it until Thursday night. We will be in Oklahoma. We will be praying for you all.


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