Friday, June 17, 2016

A Non City Reach Post

Maybe some of you are ready for a non City Reach post. If so, then this is the day for you. I am constantly putting things back to post and most of it never sees the light of day again. We usually have plenty to write about each day especially with a good City Reach campaign going on in Tulsa with folks getting saved and all that good stuff.

I guess I need to write some times about something different than an alcoholic being delivered, a muslim man embracing Christ, a praying mother's son getting saved, a young couple from the neighborhood pouring their hearts out to God in the altar or Bro. Noah Martinez's comment on this post about 11 people still attending the church from City Reach. 

Oops, I slipped right back into City Reach mode. 

I just can not help myself because I love what God is doing! It is hot here! It is humid here! But the joy I feel is hard to express. God is moving every night under the tent and I am more than a little excited! Praise God for His faithfulness. Praise God for His love, mercy and grace. Praise God for the power of the Gospel!

Thank you for indulging me talking about City Reach in this non City Reach post. I know that many of you are a little excited as well. God bless you for it.

Non City Reach

Father's Day

First and foremost, Sunday is Father's Day! Kelly Jo and I are very blessed to have both of our fathers alive and well and active in our lives. My father and Kelly Jo's father have both been hard workers that provided well and that care deeply for their families. They love our mothers and have set great examples for us to follow in life.

We are very blessed indeed! We both would like to wish our Dads a very happy Father's Day on Sunday. By God's grace, we will see you soon. We love you both very much!

Happy Father's Day, Eugene Boggs

And my all time favorite picture of my Dad.

Happy Father's Day, Danny Morgan!

All of our parents.

A1 Sauce

Second on the adgenda, A1 Sauce. Just your normal bottle of A1 Original Sauce in a restaurant we visited recently.

Until I looked at the back of the bottle.

Steak Doesn't Own Me
I'm my own sauce.
I go where I please.
If I want to be on a baked potato,
I'll be on a baked potato
And that baked potato will love me.

That is great whether you like A1 or not! It definitely portrays a saucy attitude!


I found a new pair of Crocs a month or so ago.

These are an exact replacement for the ones that Odie gave me for Christmas a few years ago. They have been my favorite everyday pair and have been way past wearing for quite some time. I kept wearing them in spite of the facts and nearly hurt myself a few times on wet pavement since the tread was gone. Crocs will never be considered dressy enough to wear with my suits (And that makes be a little sad) but these look a little better than the normal clunky Crocs I love.

Pacific Ocean

We did finally make it to the Pacific Ocean while we were in California a while back but I do not think I posted pictures. If there are no pictures, then it did not happen. Here is the proof.


I also saved these pictures to show you the windmills in California. Unless you have seen this, there is no way to describe the massive size of these things and the overwhelming number of them.

Kelly Jo In Public

I had also saved a picture from one of Kelly Jo and Odie's shopping trips. I think this was from California too. I am very glad that Odie goes with Kelly Jo so she can document her escapades. I am not sure if they were thrown out of this particular mall or not!

I also ran across an old post from July 2013 that made me laugh out loud. Yep, you read it here, I laughed out loud at my own post. Actually, while that is technically true, I was really laughing out loud at my precious daughter.

We were in Wisconsin on our way to revival in North Dakota and my sister and her husband stopped by one afternoon for a visit. They were on a work trip and came right through our location with their family. It was good to get together.

We took a few pictures that day. This first one was taken with Odie's iPhone 4S. The 4S was state of the art at that time. It had an excellent camera for a cell phone.

I took this one a few moments later with my iPhone 4. I was facing the same direction and had pretty much identical lighting. Never mind whatever my sister was doing to her son's pants.

Can you see how much clearer my picture is? Several of the pictures that Odie took that day had that same "foggy" look for lack of a technical term. My iPhone camera can not be so much better as to account for that much difference. Especially since Odie's phone has taken some great pictures in the past.

Odie changes phone covers/cases pretty often and I know that some covers can interfere with the camera. As I was getting that post together Odie was sitting across from me on the couch of the BoggsMobile.

I said to Odie, "Did you have that cover on when you took these pictures today?" She said "No?" She said it with a very strange questioning tone. Her tone was a mix between confusion and sarcasm, a little bit of bewilderment and a little bit of "Dad, are you crazy?"

It took us a moment to put all the pieces together. Odie was really confused. Do you see the red blanket over her lap? She thought I was asking if she had on that RED COVER/BLANKET on when she took the pictures earlier in the day. I was asking about the orange cover/case that she was holding in her hand.

This is Odie when she realized what she had thought and said.

It was hilarious.

We came to the conclusion that the orange Lifeproof cover/case can distort her pictures but the red cover/blanket has NOTHING to do with it.

Like I said, I laughed out loud when I read that again. Thanks for reading today.


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