Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Father's Day 2016

Hello Friends,

It is Odie writing today from City Reach Tulsa. This week of City Reach has been marvelous. Every night the excitement keeps building. Thank God that people from the community are coming each night and praying in the altar. We still have two more services, tonight and tomorrow. I am anticipating great things for those services.

Dad wrote a great post yesterday. He even had me laughing out loud when he was picking on me near the end. It really was funny when it happened and even funnier looking back on it three years later. 

Dad also mentioned Father's day in that post. He wrote about my awesome Grandfathers and honored them both. I am so thankful and so blessed to have had them in my life from day one. I anticipate having them for many more years to come.

I love my Papaw Eugene and Papaw Danny so much. I make sure that all of the other fabulous grandchildren on both sides of the family know that I was the only grandchild for many, many years. That means my grandfathers may not love me more than the others but they have loved me a lot longer!

Today I want to talk about my wonderful Papa. I am a blessed girl in the Daddy department. Dad works so hard! Many of the years we were living at home, Dad worked two jobs or worked a job and side work. We have been back in full time ministry for 17 years and I think he works more now than he ever did.

He is always doing something for our family, the ministry and for others. He loves people and he loves God. His vision of City Reach has added to his work load but when I see him under the tent reaching for and embracing the people in our cities that are lost and hurting, I know he is the happiest he has ever been.

My Dad is a man of many hats, so many that I can not name them all. He does it all without much recognition so maybe you will not mind if I recognize him here this morning.

Daddy I love you so much! Thank you for being an amazing, Godly Father! I am proud of you and proud to be your number one daughter! 

Happy Fathers Day!!

I hope you have a fabulous Father's Day weekend. Here are some pics of my Papa, just in case you have forgotten what he looks like. 

Dad and I on Thanksgiving 2015. One of my favorite pics from last year. 

A 2016 favorite taken in January

Dad working on the bus, literally, in December 2015

These are a couple of pictures I snapped this week. Dad was doing what he does best, reaching for the lost under and around the Gospel Tent. 

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