Friday, June 24, 2016

Bethany Revival Center - Revival In Pictures

Oklahoma City Bound

As soon as we say Amen tonight we plan to crank the bus, load up the sound system, hook up the little Green Machine, hug our friends one more time and drive south toward Oklahoma City. Google maps says its only 171 miles from here to the tent site. We will make a small detour to empty the holding tanks and top off the diesel tank, but we should be there and parked before it gets too late.

I worked a big part of the day Thursday on the power problem that manifested in the bus last Sunday night. I am picking up another part this morning and will crank the generator again and see how it does. I hope we have it worked out by the time we get to Oklahoma City.

Revival In Pictures

It is hard to believe that revival at Bethany is nearly over but we only have Friday night left to go. We have had tremendous altar services and God has been encouraging the church every step of the way. We love these folks and we love having church here but this week has seemed extra special. I hope that tonight is really the Grand Finale.

I hope you enjoy the Revival In Pictures from Wichita and the DiZazzo's and their great folks. Thanks for reading.


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