Monday, June 6, 2016

#23 Weekend Woundup and Weview

We have had a lot of activity this week but I will stay with the weekend in order to keep it as brief as possible. I will try to post about our days last week in the shop a little later.

This weekend was a busy church weekend. In fact my family heard more preaching from folks besides me than they have heard all year.

Since Bristow Campmeeting begins today, there are a lot of folks coming in from across the country. Some of the churches have special meetings the weekend before Bristow plus there are other campmeetings in the area too.

Friday night we visited the fellowship meeting at Westside Holiness in Claremore, Oklahoma. We love being with Pastor Darrell Meadow and all the fine folks at Claremore. They have been our dear friends for many years and it is always great to visit and worship with them. That seems to be the theme this weekend, visiting and worshiping with dear friends.

Bro. John Burdine preached great Friday night at Claremore.

Saturday morning we got up early and pointed southwest 155 miles toward Blanchard Campmeeting. We really wanted to be there for the day service and we made it in plenty of time.

We got to hear three preachers Saturday morning and enjoyed a good altar service too. We stayed after service for lunch and visited with a bunch of good friends that we see way too rarely.

We made it back to the bus late Saturday afternoon in time for the girls to get a very small nap. I spent the time working on City Reach correspondence and flyers for City Reach Tulsa and City Reach Oklahoma City.

The House of Prayer had their Homecoming services this weekend and we attended services there Saturday night and Sunday morning. We have had a lot of super great times with Pastor Bill Parks and all of his folks through the years and we loved being with them during Homecoming again.

Bro. JR Alexander was preaching the Homecoming. We loved seeing Bro. JR and Sis. Teresa again. They, like us, are from Dryden Rd but since we both are evangelists, we are rarely in the same place at the same time. We really enjoyed the preaching and the services too.

By Sunday afternoon we had been in 4 services over the weekend and heard six sermons. That should be enough for anyone, right? Well, not for folks that love to go to church.

Sunday night my girls were going to have to hear me preach for our friends at South Mission. Pastor Leon Rich had invited us to be with them and we were very glad to do it. We love these folks too. The service was excellent from the beginning. I was about to preach when Pastor Rich asked me to sing one more song. We sang "Never Would Have Made It". I asked Bro. Dilan Rich to help us and the rest is history.

God touched several folks in a great spontaneous altar service. It was wonderful!

That pretty much wraps up our weekend of church. We plan to move to Kellyville, Oklahoma today so that we can be in position to attend Bristow Campmeting some this week. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Some of the cutest kids you've ever seen go to Blanchard camp meeting!


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