Friday, June 10, 2016

Bristow Holiness Camp In Pictures

It was so nice to be back at Bristow Holiness Campmeeting again! We have attended Bristow a lot through the years and we have always enjoyed it. We were there every year when we were pastoring in Wichita and as evangelists we had settled into a routine of being there at least every other year and often times multiple years in a row.

Our tent revival itinerary has convoluted our schedule and we had missed three years in a row. It was definitely time to reverse the trend and we are glad to be back! We are believers in the real need for the holiness people to have campmeetings and we want to support them with our presence.

A lot of things have happened in the last few years at Bristow. The actual campground that hosted Bristow every year, going back into the 1950's was torn down and the campmeeting was left without a location. They had rented the location all those years and it had served them very well. Now they were faced with a tough decision.

The board met and decided to pursue finding and purchasing property near Bristow and building a new camp. One week later the new property fell into their hands in a miraculous way and they were in the real estate office signing the papers!

After several more miracles, this is the result and it is beautiful!

The Tabernacle as viewed from the fellowship hall.

The fellowship hall

Another view of tabernacle

The RV spots are in this picture down on the right.

Inside the 100x120 tabernacle

The tabernacle is up. The kitchen is up and closed in. The bathrooms are completed. About 20 RV parking spaces are in with FULL hookups and ALL 50 amp spots. There is water and sewer bored under the turnpike and hooked into Bristow city services. (This was a major miracle in itself.) There is also lots of packed gravel parking and beautiful concrete sidewalks.

AND as of now, they have no debt!

No wonder Bro. Aaron Brock, the chairman of the Bristow board, is ready to praise the Lord!

The kitchen and fellowship hall needs to be completed and they have hopes of adding more RV spaces and a smaller tabernacle for children's church as the money is available. It is absolutely amazing to see what God has done!

It has been a wonderful week of preaching, singing, worshiping and fellowship and we are so glad we came. I hope you enjoy the pictures from Bristow Campmeeting.


They served meals and concessions after church in the fellowship hall of the Bristow Holiness Church a few miles away.

Thanks to Joy Martin for helping Odie get a lot of our friend's pictures.

We parked at Kellyville Holiness Church a few miles away from Bristow. We really appreciate Pastor Jonathan Brock for allowing us to do so. It is a super wonderful place to park the BoggsMobile.

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