Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Schedule Changes - Sweeny Canceled

I had planned to post pictures of us taking the tent down in Ft. Worth today but that will have to wait until tomorrow. When news breaks we break in. There is a schedule change I need to tell you about today.

Houston and the surrounding area has been pummeled with rain for a couple of months and they have been enduring historic flooding. The rain is pouring again and they are expecting flood waters to rise even higher. Roads are likely to close overnight and throughout the next few days. 

Our revival scheduled to begin tonight is about an hour + south of Houston. Pastor Lamb called yesterday evening to talk about the situation and we ultimately decided it would be best to cancel the revival. Bro. Lamb was afraid if we did make it in, that we might not be able to get back out for a few days.

We hate to miss our friends in Sweeny this time through but we will catch them the next time by God's grace. I wanted to post this news here in case any of our friends were planning to visit us there. As Odie says in the Newsletter, "Our schedule is likely to change, like maybe tomorrow."

We have added some things to the schedule that I would like for you to know about too. As I have already mentioned, putting the tent up in New York City has not come together as hoped but we have been asked to preach an anniversary meeting there in August. Pastor Sunny Philip has invited us to preach August 19-21 in his church in Valley Stream, NY which is on Long Island about 6 miles from where we stayed in Queens. 

We will go to New York from northern Vermont where we are preaching a tent revival for Pastor David DiZazzo in Lowell. The tent revival will be August 12-14 under a tent the church is renting for the occasion. We will provide the sound system and will be singing and preaching each service.

Before Vermont, we will preach a revival at Bethel Revival Center in Everett, Massachusetts which is a suburb of Boston. That revival will be August 3-7.

We are very excited about these meetings. Although we are not able to put the tent up in New York and Boston this year we are thrilled that God has opened these doors for us in these cities. We will do our best to walk through the open doors and preach to all that will hear and encourage all that we can.

Thanks for praying for us. More pictures tomorrow.


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