Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Woundup and Weview

This is been a great weekend with Pastor Noah Martinez and all of the Desert Cove Assembly. We are excited to be with our friends for this special event. We are expecting an outpouring of God's blessings on their community andtheir  families.

The first weekend of tent revival is always busy and exciting. I think this first weekend of City Reach in the Phoenix area has lived up to that and then some!

Friday morning we were all busy pulling last minute things together and after lunch Bro Jimmie pulled the tent trailer onto the lot and into position. It could have been a difficult place to pull in but Bro. Jimmie and his big Volvo truck made it look easy!

I had already figured out the placement of the tent on the lot on Thursday. After the trailer was in place we measured for the the stake line and figured a way to mark them in the dirt. 

While we worked we watched the US Air Force Thunderbirds practice for an air show. It was incredible. 

The House of Deliverance in Hillsboro, Ohio donated some electronic drums for City Reach a few months ago. We had taken them apart for transport and it looked like they might never go back together again.

Fortunately, Kelly Jo had taken pictures and labeled most of the parts. Friday afternoon Kelly Jo, Odie, Sis. Carla and her boys figured out how to put them together. 

We like acoustic drums but electric drums are very handy for tent revival. 

They also took down all our sound equipment in the church and packed it up.

After a nice little meal...

We drove to the airport to pick up Pastor Scott Morris! He flew in for a few days to help with tent set up and to kick off City Reach. I appreciate my friend's sacrifice and I appreciate his family and church for loaning him to us. 

What a treat!!!

Saturday morning we had a pile of folks show up to set up the tent! They worked hard.

A few hours later, it was ready to go. 

I will try to post more pictures from the tent set up later in the week. 

About 3:00 we watched the Thunderbird air show right over the tent! 


There is no way to capture the thrill on an iPhone camera but here are a few attempts. Look for the planes. 

The sunset was beautiful Saturday. 

We had a great service in the church Sunday morning. It was a tremendous kick off for City Reach!

7:00 Sunday night it was time to crank up the service under the Blue and White Gospel Tent!

It was a great first night of City Reach. God blessed all the way through and we praise Him for it! We are expecting God to surprise us the next two weeks with blessings showered all around! 

Pastor Alan Harris and the Central City, Kentucky church is beginning their prayer revival for City Reach this week and I know that many of you are praying as well. That gives me confidence that God will do his part!

Thanks for reading. 


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