Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pictures of The Tent Going Up in El Mirage, Arizona

I probably will not give you a report of the City Reach services EVERY day, unless I can not help myself! Of course, I know that many of you are praying faithfully and fervently and I want to keep you informed. 

This post has pictures from the tent set up on Saturday but let me just say the service last night was tremendous! God is helping. God is drawing and God is already saving! Praise God for His help and praise God for His people! I would not want to do this without either one!

This is what it looked like before the tent.

The set up Saturday went very, very well. The stakes were a little difficult to drive in but not so bad that we had to drill them.

Because we are set up on dirt and rock this week, we needed to put the tarps down before the tent went down. This slows the set up and take down but it is a necessary step.

Time to roll out the tent.

And then it is time to lace the tent pieces together.

The side poles are attached and the straps are put into place.

And then it is time to raise up the side poles in preparation for a few guys going underneath to raise the center poles.

Going Up!

Before long it is tightened enough to let go of the poles and begin to run the rope and wiring for the lights.

Some of the guys were helping Kelly Jo bring over the sound equipment from the church and the BoggsMobile.

The chairs are next.

After the chairs and lights are finished, we spend some time straitening each side pole and tightening each strap until the tent is as tight as a banjo string. When it is tight, we send a couple of guys on top to fasten the Velcro covers over the lace lines.

Before you know it, the tent is ready for church!

We appreciate the hard working crew that came to help. May God bless every one of them for investing their time and strength in City Reach!

It was a huge help to have Bro. Jimmy Radcliffe and Pastor Scott Morris here for set up. It is amazing what a difference it makes to have a few guys that have done this before and can lead the others who are very willing to work. 

Of course, Kelly Jo is my secret weapon when it comes to setting up this tent and I do not want to attempt it without her.

Thank you that are reading and praying as well. We surely appreciate it all!


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