Saturday, April 2, 2016

Extremely Excited to Be In El Mirage

Hi friends, this is Odie reporting in from El Mirage, Arizona and we are super glad to be here. This has been a busy week preparing for City Reach. The preparation continues today with tent setup. 

Tent revival begins tomorrow night, it will continue through the 15th of April. We are expecting great things to happen. The services begin at 7:00PM nightly. Everyone is invited!

I have some pictures from our week on my phone I wanted to share. 
Easter Sunday 2016

The Martinez boys have been helping dad and Bro. Jimmie this week. Thanks Luke, Levi and Logan for your help. Below is a picture Luke and Logan helping Dad carry our mail. 

Tuesday I was super thrilled to get to see my dear friend Abbey Metzger from Montana. I am so glad she text me that afternoon. Sis. Metzger and Abbey were visiting with Abbey's Aunt Terry during a long lay over on their way to Tennessee for PFYC. 

They decided to eat lunch at Sweet Tomato. Abbey text me Tuesday because she remembered reading about our visit to a Sweet Tomato in Colorado. 

She had no idea that we both were in the Phoenix area. Thanks to "Aunt Terry" for sharing Abbey and Sis. Metzger with us for a little while. 

Thursday evening we had a gorgeous sunset here in El Mirage. Pictures really can not tell the full story of the beauty. 

The church sign advertising revival. 

Thank you for reading today. Have a great weekend. Please pray for City Reach in El Mirage, Arizona!


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