Monday, April 18, 2016

#16 Weekend Woundup and Weview

Friday morning starting off very windy and kind of went down hill from there. Bro. Jimmy and I were under the tent when Bro. Chuck Spencer called to tell me they had a wreck in their lead vehicle about two hours from us. There were seven people in the Excursion and most every one was OK but Bro. Chuck's daughter Kristin. Some one sent me this update Sunday morning so I will post it here.

YOUTH CHOIR TOUR 2016God has been faithful! Just a few hours before we reached our first stop in Phoenix Arizona, our SUV which was pulling the equipment trailer was involved in an accident. Chuck and Lyndsay, their two younger children and three girls (Twila, Brianna, Tiffany) were driving a couple hours ahead of the bus to begin set up at the City Reach tent crusade. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved and the SUV and trailer came to rest off to the side of the road flipped onto the passenger side. All walked away with only bruises and minor abrasions except for Kristin, Chuck and Lyndsay's nine year old daughter. She was taken by ambulance to Phoenix Children's hospital due to cuts and gashes from her thigh down to her ankle. As I am posting, she has been released and did not require plastic surgery or skin grafts, an answer to prayer! A decision was made to continue the tour. Lyndsay and Kristin will return home with Lyndsay's parents. Both the SUV and trailer were a total loss. We are hoping the equipment, which was packed in good travel cases, will still function. A Penske truck has been rented and we are back on the road. We had to cancel the Sunday morning date in Amarillo but will make it to the evening pm service in Elk City, Oklahoma. All the prayers, texts and phone calls have been encouraging and appreciated!

We helped them get their gear on to El Mirage and the choir came on to church that night. They decided to sing on Friday night in spite of all the turmoil and God blessed them and us! It was wonderful! They blessed the whole congregation. May God bless them for their courage and commitment in the midst of distraction and uncertainty

Pastor Martinez prayed for them at the beginning of service.

You noticed in the pictures, I am sure, that we had service inside the church Friday night. The wind whipped through the tent all day and by church time it was a pretty steady 30 MPH and gusting higher. We tried to put the walls up but the dirt blew every where any way. We soon realized it was a futile effort and moved inside.

The church was full and we had a wonderful service. We appreciate the Ambassador Youth Choir for coming to be with us. It was a very difficult day for them and we all would have understood perfectly if they had went on to the motel and rested. It was super great to have them with us and God used them to help us. 

Praise God for helping them and for helping Kristen. She was released after surgery on Saturday and is back in California now. She handled all of this a whole lot better than most of the rest of us!

Friday night we also had Pastor Brent Moore and his family with us. They are passing through on their way to preach in California. We always love being in service with them.

Our bus and the Riverdale bus.

Saturday was spent preparing for a special outreach service at Paradise Valley Park in the north part of Phoenix. Bro. Trey Dickerson from Desert Cove is going to be having a Bible study in that area and Saturday was a launch of sorts for that. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed singing in the park.

Sunday morning we had church inside and Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe preached great. God used Bro. Jimmie wonderfully. He had no idea how on target he was. It is amazing how God works among his people.

Sunday night we were back under the tent for a wonderful night of City Reach. We had fewer visitors Sunday night but we had a wonderful service.

It was nice to have the newlyweds from Texas, Bro. Titus and Sis. Bethany Shuecraft with us in the service Sunday night. God bless them for coming tent revival as they were passing through. It was a treat to have them.

We will rest today and Tuesday. I think everyone needs it. I know that we do. I am going to try to do as near to nothing as I can do today and then I should be good to go. We will crank back up on Wednesday and run through Friday. Thank you for praying for us and thanks for reading.


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