Sunday, April 17, 2016

View Out The Front Window April 17, 2016

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We will have a full report on Monday from our very full weekend but I have some news to share today before I show you our view from the front window. We are very excited about the news.

We did not take the tent down Friday night or Saturday morning as planned because we are going to have a few more City Reach services under the tent in El Mirage. It seems that momentum is still building and Pastor Noah Martinez and I are in full agreement that we can not stop yet!

The folks that have been coming every night are very tired so we will have church under the tent tonight at 6:00 PM and then resume Wednesday night for three more nights. That will give every one a chance to catch up on rest and their duties at home on Monday and Tuesday. There is no telling what the Lord is going to do in these remaining services!

We did not have service under the tent Saturday because of a pre-planned open air service in a Phoenix park Saturday evening. I forgot to take a picture from the window but I did get a picture of the window when we arrived.

It was good and dark by the time we arrived back at Desert Cove and here is the view out our front window Saturday night.

We are looking forward to a great day today!

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