Monday, April 25, 2016

#17 Weekend Woundup and Weview

We wrapped up City Reach Friday night with a tremendous service. It was a fitting end to a wonderful three week tent revival. God was good to us and we are thankful for His faithfulness and help.

It has been our happy privilege to work with Pastor Noah Martinez and this great congregation of people. These are some of the greatest folks in the world and we are super glad to be part of them. May God bless our dear friends for their hospitality and their willingness to partner with us in order to reach the lost.

After church Friday night most the folks stayed around and helped us bring the tent down. In just a few minutes all the gear was stored and the tent was on the ground and packed away. I will try to post the last of the City Reach pictures tomorrow along with a few pictures from the take down.

Here is the lot with the tent earlier in revival.

Without the tent on Saturday.

Saturday Bro. Jimmie pulled over by the BoggsMobile to rinse some of the dirt off before he hit the road. He went on to preach Sunday night in California and then he is going to work a few days for a friend before meeting us for City Reach in Atwater, California. It was sad to see him go but we will be with him very soon.

In the mean time I am back to building towers!

It was a pleasure to help Bro. Jorge Stevens celebrate his 53rd birthday with a meal and a little fellowship Saturday evening! Bro. Jorge and Sis. Mary have been our friends for a very long time and we appreciate them very much.

Sunday was a great day at Desert Cove Assembly and we were very glad to be a part of it. They had quite a few visitors and at least three families in attendance that started coming as a result of City Reach.

Sunday night was a very special service for us. We are usually long gone shortly after tent revival and we hear testimonies second hand. Last night we were blessed to be in the service and hear folks tell first hand how God blessed and helped them in the City Reach tent revival. It was amazing to me that after three weeks of tent revival, some were saying they wished it was going on. 

Praise God for all of His help. Please help us pray for people that visited and prayed during this City Reach.

We wrapped up the great weekend with wonderful fellowship Sunday night. Weekends just can not get much better than this! We are off until Thursday night so we plan to rest as much as possible.

Thanks for reading.


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